35 Back to school sewing projects to start the year right

Looking for some back to school sewing projects for your creative kid?

Here you’ll find plenty of DIY inspiration, back to school sewing ideas and sewing projects for school that’ll cover all the bases from easy to sew bags, handmade wardrobe ideas, teacher’s wardrobe projects, easy accessories to sew and some fun things to boot.

Let’s be real. Sometimes back to school can be a little hectic. All the rushing around getting things together can get a little stressful, especially when you’ve got multiple kids with different needs. Sewing up a project like one of these can be a welcome break in the chaos.

Pick a couple of these back to school sewing projects and work through them on your own or with your child for some quality time before the school bus rolls around.

So sharpen your pencils, and let’s explore some fun sewing projects for back to school.

Back to school sewing projects

Find some quick and easy sewing projects for school that'll help you and your kids get the school year started right. Pick your favorites off this list and take some time in the before school rush to spend some quality time sewing simple handmade bags, easy handmade wardrobe ideas, fun accessories to sew and even teacher's wardrobe ideas.

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