add a drawstring cowl to a t-shirt

Add a Drawstring Cowl to a T-shirt Pattern

I was hoping to get this up when the article came out last week, but one thing led to another, and now I’m playing catch up.

If you haven’t seen it, I wrote a tutorial over at Up Craft Club to show you how to add a drawstring cowl to a t-shirt.  This is the perfect tutorial as we (hopefully) are heading into fall.  Come fall, all I want to wear and make are big fat cozy tops with huge scarves.  Cowl necks are even better because the scarf is attached.  Some time ago I had been mulling over the idea of adding a drawstring cowl to my favorite t-shirt pattern.  I had seen one of the many sporty ladies I come across in my daily life wearing something similar, and I liked the casual touch that the drawstring added to a neck shape I already loved.  The time seemed right to figure out how to make it happen.  It’s crazy easy to adapt a pattern to add this feature.

add a drawstring cowl to a t-shirt

This tee I made up from a soft poly jersey from Cali Fabrics.  I blockprinted the front using a pinking shear stamp that I carved a while back and an ink pad suitable for fabric after heat setting.  It turns out, I really like how clear the stamp impressed on the fabric using the ink vs. screenprinting ink that I have been using for blockprinting.  It also is completely flat, or rather, there’s no added dimension of chunkiness on the fabric from any kind of paint, so the hand is completely smooth.  I haven’t sent it through the wash yet, and no doubt I will send it through a cycle on the dryer to hedge my bets on the heat setting directions.  The jury is still out as to whether the ink will survive the wash, but I have my fingers crossed!

add a drawstring cowl to a t-shirt

So if you’re longing for a big cozy cowl this fall, check out this quick and easy tutorial right here.

add a drawstring cowl to a t-shirt

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