Raglan Tee Patterns for everyone

The other day I showed you how to make your own raglan tee pattern, and today I’m sharing some raglan tee patterns for everyone.

My hope was to find patterns for literally everyone. It’s nice to have options, right? So here are some ideas for babies, boys, girls, men, and women + the DIY route too.

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Raglan Tee sewing patterns for women

Patterns for Pirates Slim Fit Raglan

I know my friend Viv loves this one. All the versions I’ve seen are super cute, and people really use all the different features in this pattern creatively! Slim Fit Raglan by the numbers:

Patterns for Pirates Slim Fit Raglan
Size: xxs-plus 3x (bust 30″-54″
Features: sleeves: short, 3/4, banded
hem: straight, curved, banded
extras: triangle patch, add-on pack available
Good for: women!
Pattern Format: PDF

Greenstyle Creations Centerfield Raglan plus size

The PDF pattern world is more and more doing a great job making more inclusive size ranges. So it is with Greenstyle Creations Centerfield Raglan. The Plus-size version is available for bust size 46″-62″. There is also a smaller size range available.

Plus there’s elbow patches. What is not made better with elbow patches?! Here’s what to expect:

Greenstyle Creations Centerfield Plus-sizeRaglan
Size: 2xl-3x (bust 46″-62″)
Features: neckline: regular, scoopneck
sleeves: short, 3/4, long, ruched
hem: straight, curved
extras: side ruching, elbow patches
Good for: curvy women
Pattern Format: PDF

DIY your own raglan pattern

woman wearing a raglan t-shirt whole holding a raglan t-shirt

Shameless plug for my own tutorial! The thing is that making your own raglan pattern is really easy. It took me about 20 leisurely minutes. And I misplaced my tape measure, ruler, and rotary cutter in that time. So probably less for you!

The awesome thing about DIYing this whole raglan t-shirt pattern shebang is that there’s no guessing on sizing here. First you start with a raglan t-shirt that fits you. Then you copy it. Next you bronze that pattern because you’re going to want to do 8,000,000 variations. Super easy!

Elizabeth Made This Easy to Make DIY Raglan t-shirt pattern
Size: made to fit
Price:free-a couple of bucks for the raglan
t-shirt you are making a copy of
Features: varied depending on the shirt you copy
Good for: anyone
Pattern Format: self-drafted, so whatever paper you have on
DIY raglan t-shirt on woman holding a baseball
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Read on for raglan t-shirt patterns for babies, kids, and men!

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    1. If by fold it over you mean just fold over the seam allowance and stitch I would not recommend it. That leads to a not nice looking finish and it’s very difficult to press a seam allowance back evenly around a neckline and you run the risk of stretching out the neckline. If by folding it over you mean fold the neck binding to the inside of the garment so that you can’t see it from the right side, yes, that’s a good option. Just follow the steps as they are for the binding, but press the binding towards the inside and topstitch the edge down from the right side either with a narrow zigzag, twin needle or a coverstitch.

  1. I definitely want to try making my own raglan since I have one that fits really well, and it would make a great ‘pattern’. This is not something I would have tried before reading your tutorial, but now it seems so possible! And I love that I can keep making them once I have my pattern. Big bonus! Thank you for sharing this with us.

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