sewing strip of faux fur together to make a faux fur pom pom

How to make a faux fur pom pom

Today I’m showing you how to make a faux fur pom pom.

I’ve been seeing faux fur pom poms everywhere of late!

And why not–they’re such a great winter embellishment for anything from socks to hair ties.

The cool thing too is that they’re really fast to make and they need almost no fabric. If you’ve been learning how to sew faux fur, this is a great project to use your leftovers for.

So here are 2 different ways to make a faux fur pom pom, and then we’ll talk ways to use your faux fur pom poms to embellish other sewing projects or items you already have in your closet.

Pom pom supplies

  • 1/8-1/4 yard of faux fur
  • fine line Sharpie
  • box cutter
  • hand needle + thread
  • round object from around your house
  • polyfil (polyester fiber for filling stuffed animals and pillows)
  • #10 sew-on snaps
  • large jewelry jump rings
  • pin backs

How to make a faux fur pom pom 2 different ways

Make a pom pom from a circle

Cutting the faux fur

First, grab a round object from around your house. A small bowl is a good size for a small pom pom.

Obviously the larger the object, the larger the pom pom.

Trace around your circle with the Sharpie on the back side of the faux fur.

Next, cut carefully along the line you just traced with the box cutter. It’ll take a little bit longer this way, but this is your best bet to cut down on the fluff from faux fur.

Sewing the pom pom

When your circle is ready, thread your needle. I like to double the thread and knot it. This will make for a stronger gathered stitch, plus the thread is less likely to break when you go to knot everything off.

sewing around a circle of faux fur

Working from the backside, move the needle towards the right side, then back to the wrong side in and out with long stitches.

Keep working the stitches all the way around the circle.

gathering a circle of faux fur: how to make a faux fur pom pom

When you get to where you started, pull on the thread to gather the stitches. See how it makes a nice ball? On to filling it.

How to stuff a faux fur pom pom

Next, grab a handful of polyfil. Fill up the pompom until it looks, well like a nice pompom.

stuffing a faux fur pom pom with polyfil

Move your needle back and forth across the open edges and pull tight before you make a good solid knot on the bottom of the pom pom.

At this point you have a pom pom! I told you it was fast!

How to make a faux fur pom pom from a strip

While circles of faux fur make nice roundish sorts of pom poms, they also eat up more fabric.

If you just have scraps of faux fur, or you want to make a lot of faux fur pom poms without a lot of fabric, this second version is for you.

Use your box cutter to cut a strip of faux fur about 1/2″ wide by as long as you want. Here’s a table for sizing.

faux fur lengthfinished pom pom size

How to gather the strip to make the pom pom

To make the pompom, double thread your needle and knot it as before.

Move the needle in and out of the fabric with the same gathering stitches as on the circle version.

After you’ve sewn a few stitches, gather the fabric on the thread. Next, move the needle through the center of the pom pom with a couple stitches to sew the strip onto itself.

You’ll see the pom pom forming after a couple of stitches through the center.

After this, continue making gathering stitches and sewing through the center until you get to the end of the strip.

If you’re using an extra long pile fur, I really think the strip versions are more poofy!

How to make a detachable faux fur pom pom

Now that we’ve covered the basics of how to make a faux fur pom pom, let’s look at how to upgrade the basic version.

how to make a faux fur pom pom detachable with a#10 snap

Grab a #10 snap. Sew one side to the base of the pom pom.

You can sew the second side to the top of a hat.

winter hat with #10 snap and faux fur pom pom

Not only will this make the pom pom removable, but the snap will give the pom pom some support so it won’t wiggle in place.

Wiggly pom poms are sad pom poms!

If you don’t want to make your pom pom removable on a hat, do this instead:

Sew the base of a pom pom to the top of your hat. On the inside of the hat, sew a large button. The button will give the pom pom the same kind of support the snap will.

Make a faux fur pom pom zipper pull

Another fun thing to do with your pom pom is to make it into a zipper pull.

Sew a large jump ring to the bottom of your pom pom.

faux fur pom pom with pin back

Use needle nose pliers to add it to a purse zipper.

faux fur pom pom added to a purse

Or you could spiff up a 7 minute DIY zipper bag with your pom pom.

Adding a pom pom would be a fun way to change up a zipper pull on your favorite hoodie too.

Make a faux fur pom pom pin

A different way to make your pom pom removable is to sew the base to a pin back.

Add it to a hat or your favorite slippers.

Other ideas for using your pom poms

  • On the ends of a scarf
  • to embellish socks
  • a keychain
  • 1 giant pom pom on a baby headband
  • sew a pom pom to a hair tie

So hope fully I’m giving you some ideas for some of the ways that you can make and use faux fur pom poms. They’re so fun!

Quick draft a hat for your pom pom

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