collage of winter sewing projects

Winter sewing projects to make right now

It’s midwinter and fighting the cold is always a thing, so why not spend a little time making some winter sewing projects.

Here are 11 different winter sewing projects for you to make right now. There’s DIY winter accessories, DIY scarves to sew, and even some sweaters that’ll sew up quickly.

Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find something quick to make that’ll keep you toasty all winter.

collage of winter sewing projects

DIY winter accessories to make

DIY winter accessories are some of the quickest winter sewing projects you can make up.

Make them up for you, your family, or sew them up to donate to local shelters or other charities.

Detachable faux fur collar

You can always add a little extra warmth to a jacket with a detachable fur collar. Because it’s detachable, you can pop it off on warmer days.

Make your own detachable faux fur collar

Faux fur collar + your jacket = the extra warmth you want for winter

Pinterest image: How to make a detachable faux fur collar with a picture of a faux fur collar on a jacket

I know our weather here in Colorado is so variable this season, so being able to add or take away warmth is key!

DIY boot covers

I stumbled across making these over Halloween, and I can attest to just how warm these DIY boot covers keep you! Come snow or freezing winds, and a pair of these guys over your boots wild keep you snug.

DIY boot covers

An easy way to get working with faux fur with big rewards.

DIY boot covers + boot

If you’ve not worked with faux fur before, be sure to check out sewing faux fur sans fluff.

After that, you’ll be ready to make up your boot covers. You can even wear them around the house if it’s feeling a little drafty!

How to make a hat from a sweater

Maybe you’re like me and do not knit or crochet. There’s no reason why you can’t pull off a handmade sweater hat.

With an old sweater and a little bit of refashion magic, you can quickly make yourself up a new winter hat.

Even cooler, 1 typical sweater can make several hats, so it’s a great option for sewing for charity.

Sew a sweater hat

Transform an old sweater into a super warm hat.

sweater hat with faux fur pom pom

How to make a faux fur pom pom

While you’re working on your sweater hat, you can top it off with a simple faux fur pom pom.

And if you don’t want to add a pom pom to a hat, you can always make one as a fun zipper pull. Even put a pair at the end of a scarf.

Make a faux fur pom pom

Keeping it extra fluffy and warm with a little bit of faux fur and hand sewing.

sewing strip of faux fur together to make a faux fur pom pom

DIY fingerless gloves

You know that old sweater you used for your sweater hat? It still has 2 usable sleeves!

Sew up a pair of DIY fingerless gloves to keep your hands warm but fingers available for texting or working. I love popping mine on first thing in the morning.

Fingerless gloves tutorial

Fun to sew gloves from a sweater you probably already have.

DIY fingerless gloves

Easy scarves to sew

DIY scarves are crazy quick winter sewing projects that take hardly any fabric. They’re a great way to make simple gifts for people in your life without breaking the bank.

Here’s several DIY scarf options for you to try out.

How to make a fringe scarf

Step by step fringe scarf

An almost no-sew scarf with glorious fringe

diy fringe scarf

Make a fringe scarf with any woven that frays easily. I love them with wool, but flannel, linen, or classic buffalo plaids are all great options too.

Sew a DIY neck warmer scarf

This is one of my favorite tutorials I’ve ever written! Take a fun textured knit and origami it into a DIY neck warmer scarf with the help of a zipper.

You’ll be surprised at how it all comes together, and it’s one of those things that looks more complicated than it is.

Plus there’s zippers. Zippers make everything 178% cooler.

Neck warmer scarf tute

A little textured knit and a fun use for a zipper

DIY neck warmer

Make a velvet infinity scarf

Velvet is one of those fussy fabrics that takes some practice to get the hang of. This velvet infinity scarf is a great way to learn how to control this fabric.

Plus you’ll be rewarded with a luxury DIY scarf that will dress up even a basic t-shirt and jeans.

Luxe DIY velvet infinity scarf

Get practice working with stretch velvet and look cute doing it.

velvet infinity scarf worn long

Sweaters that you can sew

Of the winter sewing projects that make a big impact, sweaters are one of those things that’ll be a revelation to you. You can sew up a whole sweater in under two hours! That’s enough to keep me not knitting!

And if you can reclaim yardage from old sweaters, you can potentially make a sweater for super cheap. I know I’m always excited when I can thrift cashmere knits that I can refashion!

Here’s some DIY sweaters you can make from sweater knits, sweatshirt knits or other warm knits like French terry.

Make your own ruffle sweater

Take your favorite t-shirt pattern and add a little feminine flair with this ruffle sweater.

Ruffle sweater hack

Girly up your favorite t-shirt pattern

It’s extra cozy sewn up in sweatshirt fleece!

Lace back sweater

Here’s another DIY sweater hack with the popular Toaster Sweater from Sew House Seven.

With this Toaster sweater hack you can add a lace underlay that gets exposed with a zipper in your sweater. Make it up in French terry for a unique winter sweater that looks great with fleece leggings and boots.

Lace back sweater hack

Lace + zippers!

Toaster Sweater hack

Refashioned sweater shrug

Maybe it’s just me but so often I end up with wool sweaters that get accidentally shrunk in the wash.

You can use this little problem to your advantage with this refashioned sweater tutorial. That shrunken sweater is the perfect length for a shrug sweater. With a little trim and some creative embellishment, you can sew up a showpiece of a sweater that no one will guess started as a mistake.

Shrug from a sweater

Finally something to do with shrunken sweaters!

Refashioned sweater shrug tutorial pinterest image

So there are 11 different winter sewing projects you can make up right now. What are you sewing up this winter that’s keeping you warm?

Like these ideas? Check out my Eguide Easy Refashions for Every Season. It’ll walk you through 12 different easy to sew refashion projects you can sew up all through the year.

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