Easy refashions for every season

Got a closet full of unworn clothes you can’t stand to throw on the donate pile?

Learn how to harness the power of your sewing machine to create refashioned garments you can’t wait to wear with this 70 page Eguide.

What if you could transform your old clothes with simple sewing into things you'd actually wear every day?

After I became a Mom, getting to the fabric store to continue to grow my sewing skills became harder and harder.  Who knew that 3 little boys wouldn’t be excited about getting packed up and driven across town, LOL!  Most days it was a gamble if I could even find what I needed.  My hobby that I loved became stress-filled!  

That’s when I discovered refashioning.  Instead of shopping for new fabric, I tapped into the hidden, free fabric I had in my own closet.

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When sewing inspiration isn't happening

Have you felt like this?

Short on time

I love to sew but my life is crazy. I need quick win projects.

I need a creative challenge

Sewing is a creative art, but sometimes your sewjo needs a little shakeup.

I hate how $$$ fabric can be

Good fabric can be pricey, but what if good fabric is as close as your donate pile?

Scissors in hand and a thirst for something different...

I started taking apart my old clothes (+ ones I thrifted) and transforming them into something new.  In the process I learned more about how clothes are put together, my hands learned how to handle different types of fabric, and I learned how fabrics aged over time.

Because my found treasures came on the cheap, I refashioned everything I could get my hands on!  Refashioning is now a regular part of my sewing life, and I couldn’t imagine sewing without it.  The creative challenge of breaking down something old to make something new will never get old for me.

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Introducing the Easy Refashions for Every Season E-Guide!

easy refashions

Amazing ways to refashion your old clothes that’ll change how you sew forever

Have a look inside this 70 page eguide

12 Sewing tutorials

12 unique refashion projects with full step-by-step tutorials to help get you excited about refashioning and sewing (mostly) without patterns.  Most projects require little yardage, and there’s lots of ideas for using up scraps.

2 Extra patterns

In addition to all the tutorials, there’s 2 free patterns inside for the denim flowers and extra pieces for the Sunny Days Skirt.

Helpful sewing tips

Be sure to catch all the helpful sewing tips and refashioning advice that’ll help you understand why it is we do what we do as sewists, plus talk about my favorite tools and notions.

Dash of DIY

Don’t miss the ideas to make these refashions your own with the suggested embellishments and splashes of DIY throughout.

Step by step photos

Nobody likes to guess at what's supposed to happen in a step. The photos are here to help you sew your way through these projects!

Full supply lists

Know exactly what kind of goods to look for so you get the best possible end result.

vintage threads

Flex your creativity muscle

In the end refashioning is a creative puzzle. As you sew your way through these projects, the ideas will start flowing.

Imagine a world where...

You pick up a cast off sweater.  It’s a little outdated but you something in it catches your eye.  Instead of tossing it in a donate pile, you grab your favorite fabric scissors and cut it up and re-sew it into something new and fresh you’ll wear this very day.  How good would that feel?

What others are saying...

Elizabeth is a remarkable creator who happily shares her knowledge with the sewing community. I have learned many helpful tips and tricks to improve my skills from her YouTube channel and blog that I use every day.  Accordingly, when Elizabeth published her first e-book, “Easy Refashions for Every Season,” I knew I had to add it to my sewing reference collection.   This book has unique ideas for refreshing old materials and giving them a new life. There are gorgeous step-by-step instructions in full color that make it easy to follow along with her detailed tutorials. My favorites are the jeans to skirt tutorial and the sweater to winter hat remake.  I have many thrift store purchases and old garments that could use an update from these fashion-forward tips.Don’t miss out on this resource. You’ll enjoy every bit of this outstanding book!
Crystal Collins

what's up? I'm Elizabeth!

Hi I’m Elizabeth, and refashioning + me = happy face. It’s been a regular part of my creative sewing life the last 11 years. I hang my hat at elizabethmadethis.com where it’s my mission to help you sew something creative.  And boy howdy if refashioning isn’t about just that!

My work has been featured in Altered Couture and I developed a line of upcycled clothing for the boutique SEWN in Denver.

I’m a Mom to 4, and wife to one awesome guy. We live in Colorado in view of the majestic Rockies. We love nerdy strategic board games and all things baseball.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm fresh out of ideas when it comes to refashioning!

Good fabric is good fabric no matter the source.  Sometimes the source is sitting on a hanger!  Still it can be hard to see past that pair of jeans in front of you and imagine what it could be.  Inside Easy Refashions for Every Season you’ll learn pro upcycling tips and creative sewing techniques to reinvent your old garments.

How do you find fabric worth refashioning? My local thrift store never has anything worth refashioning!

You don’t have to be a thrifting ninja to be a refashionista.  Start with your own closet–I just bet there’s some prime, FREE fabric hanging out in there!  You’ll also learn thrifting tips inside of Easy Refashions for Every Season that’ll help you become an expert at spotting the best materials for refashioning.

can you save good quality but ugly fabric?

You bet your biscuits yes.  I’ll go so far as o say you can almost always save good fabric.  Woven throughout Easy Refashions for Every Season, you’ll pick up embellishment ideas and some DIY magic you can throw at any fabric that’ll make your handmade refashions all the better.

once upon a time everyone refashioned. It was called being resourceful. Regain that knowledge your grandma had.

Grab the guide and begin your own journey into the joy of refashioning.

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