Sewing pattern hacking

What is pattern hacking?Well, let’s say you’re out on the town and you see a woman wearing a floaty dress with butterfly sleeves and a delicate bias-bound neckline. You’re totally staring, thinking, “I can make that!”, but when you get home and realize that you have no pattern that will work for the vision you have in your head. What do you do, dear? You pattern hack.

Here’s you’ll find projects that’ll help you transform fashion sewing patterns into what you want to make.  Dive into how fun sewing pattern hacks can be.

Sew a lace back sweater

This lace back sweater was calling my name!  It was one of those moments when I saw something and had to make it immediately.  And …
Rose Tyler cosplay jacket

Rose Tyler jacket cosplay

Ever since my husband and I started watching Doctor Who 3 years back, we’ve kicked around the idea of cosplay.  Though we’ve enjoyed all the …
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