DIY One Shoulder Ruffle Neck Dress: Pattern Hacker Episode #2

Now that you’ve read about my Colors of Flags Challenge makes, check out Episode #2 of Pattern Hacker.  You can see my full process for this DIY One Shoulder Ruffle Dress.  I’m slowly working the kinks out of my videos and looking forward to more of these types of videos.  I’ve really enjoyed producing all of these for everyone!  The teacher in me is jumping around!

If you’re looking to make your own version of this dress and you don’t have the two Burdastyle patterns I used (5-2010-130, and 2-2013-109), here’s some ideas: Substitute any pencil skirt pattern made with stretch woven fabrics for the bottom.

For the top part OOP Simplicity 5508 would be a great substitute.  All it needs is a strap and the ruffle!

Vogue 1452 could also be a good substitute for the top part.  Actually, Vogue 1452 is a great substitute because the pattern has a strap, and the sloping neckline already goes all the way around the front and back.  All you’d have to do is add the neck ruffle and possibly change the construction for the strap.

Let me know what kinds of pattern hacks are the most interesting to you!

Now go watch some fireworks!

2 thoughts on “DIY One Shoulder Ruffle Neck Dress: Pattern Hacker Episode #2”

  1. The S 5508 pants are AWESOME! I’d love to see those made up…

    I’d be interested in seeing Helen’s Closet coulottes made with less fullness. They’re interesting, but voluminous and they seem to overpower some folks. And they use WAY too much fabric. I guess that says that I’m looking for interesting, yet “practical”, hacks.

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