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7 DIY Christmas decor ideas you can sew up right now

Need some DIY Christmas decor ideas like yesterday? Today we’re chatting about 7 easy DIY Christmas decor projects.

If you’re like me, handmade DIY Christmas decor ideas start popping in your head when my favorite eggnog hits the shelves. I love being able to create a cozy feeling for my family with all these sweet little projects.

What I don’t like are Christmas sewing projects that take a ton of fabric or are going to leave me feeling stressed because of all the time that’s required. So that’s why I put together some ideas for you to make your own handmade Christmas decor.

Best of all most of these are projects you can stitch up casually between all the other hustle in your December. So browse around and see what you’d like to tackle.

DIY Christmas ideas

7 DIY Christmas Decor Ideas

drawstring bags

1. Sew some easy gift bags

Hate that mountain of gift wrap that always happens post presents? Yeah, me too. Why not sew up a set of these quick to sew drawstring bags with this easy drawstring bag tutorial?

Presents look great wrapped up in fabric, and when you have reusable bags you can gift over and over, you can cut down on that giant avalanche of one-use paper wrap. Think of these DIY gift bags as a gift to your future self!

Whatever cotton fabrics you have on hand can be sewn up into sweet handmade gift bags, and you can make them any size you like.

fabric yoyo garland

2. Fabric yoyo garland

Fabric yoyos look so sweet draped around your tree or your mantel. Here’s how to stitch up your own fabric yoyo garland.

Even though you can stitch up an individual yoyo in about 2 minutes, I admit, this is a project that will take more time than the rest.

I have a couple of ways to still get the look without the stress.

  • Collect a few seasonal prints when they go on clearance.
  • Throughout the year, cut off 10 yoyos at a time and stitch them up. This is a great TV/movie watching project.
  • Save all your stitched yoyos in a large gift bag in a corner, adding to it as you stitch yoyos.
  • When you have stitched through your fabrics, join the yoyos into a garland.
mini Christmas dress form and mini Christmas ornaments

3. Make a mini Christmas dress form

It’s fun to festive up your creative space too, so might I suggest making a mini Christmas dress form?

You might be surprised how simple it is to make a little custom dress like this. Top off your dress with some sparkly garland and faux poinsettias, and you’ve got a little miss that’ll lend some inspiration to your sewing room.

fabulous felt Christmas cookies collage

4. Easy DIY Christmas ornaments

It’s so fun to make DIY Christmas ornaments, and when you can add a sewing machine to it, you’ll be stitching up these little gems in short order!

I created Fabulous Felt Christmas Cookies just so you could stitch up quick DIY Christmas ornaments in not a lot of time. We’re all busy this time of year, and the 12 patterns (PDF + SVG!) included inside of Fabulous Felt Christmas cookies are all designed with that time crunch in mind.

That they’re picture pretty and fun to sew and will beef up your sewing embellishment skills? Bonus, bonus, bonus!

DIY Christmas card with handmade ornament

5. Christmas cards you can sew

Everybody loves happy mail, and when you add that personal touch of a handmade card, it’s even more special.

Here’s how to make some fall-off-a-log easy handmade DIY Christmas cards pronto. You can use your handmade Christmas ornaments, or simply add premade ornaments.

This is a great project to work on with your kids! Make the ornaments together, and they can stitch up the cards.

In this time of so much isolation, sending a card like this can be a wonderful way to bring a little sunshine to your loved ones.

DIY advent calendar finished

6. Last minute handmade advent calendar

Having made a few handmade advent calendars, I know this simple idea can quickly turn into a long, fussy project.

This last minute handmade advent calendar is not one of those! Take a collection of handmade, vintage, or new Christmas ornaments and hot glue your way to DIY advent calendar glory. You’ll be repurposing an old picture frame and marking off the days in December to boot.

Want to double your DIY joy? Make a collection of handmade Christmas ornaments using Fabulous Felt Christmas Cookies.

7. Woven Mug Rug

assortment of woven mug rugs and tea

The last of these DIY Christmas decor ideas? These fun sweater mug rugs. All those mugs of hot chocolate need a little landing pad. Here’s how to weave strips of old sweaters into these simple woven mug rugs.

This is a great little refashion project. It’s especially nice for all the weird scraps that you might have after making sweater hats or fingerless gloves.

And there’s even a video tutorial.

I personally love that your spills get soaked down right into the sweater without messing up your table.

So what’s your favorite DIY Christmas decor idea? What DIY Christmas projects are you tackling this Holiday season?

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