DIY fleece leggings

The virtues of DIY fleece leggings

Leggings patterns that work for fleece lined leggings

You can use any leggings pattern here as long as you adjust for the stretch which I’ll talk about in a sec.

If you can, patterns that have a crotch gusset are going to do better for you. The gusset allows for more freedom of movement. That extra range of motion can make for more comfortable leggings. Here’s some leggings patterns to consider:

Adjusting your pattern for stretch

Because of the lower stretch in specialty fleeces like Power Stretch, if you use a commercially designed pattern, you will likely have to adjust the pattern. First, try going up a size. You can also give yourself wider seam allowances. That’ll give you a little wiggle room to adjust the pattern.

Here’s how you can double check the fit before you cut out your fleece.

  1. Wrap the fleece around you. Place the the top of where you’d like the leggings to sit so that it’s fitted but not stretched out.  Pinch the fleece and measure the distance between your fingers.  Note how many inches you need for a comfortable fit in this part of your body.  Repeat for the widest part of your thigh and calf too.
  2. Compare your measurements to the pattern. Check your fleece measurements against the same area on your leggings pattern.  Make your seam allowances wider to give you the extra fabric you need. Baste your seams before you sew them.  You may not need all of that extra wide seam allowance that you added, so baste your seam first

So now that you’re armed with some good pattern options and you know what fleece to buy for awesome DIY fleece leggings, will you give them a try?

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13 thoughts on “The virtues of DIY fleece leggings”

  1. Hi Elizabeth! I made fleece house pants a couple of weeks ago with some lime green fleece – so not my color, but they are warm! I know what you mean by wearing them all the time! Hey, do you still want to come if it snows? I have to let Dick know if anyone is going to show up. He doesn’t want to open up if no one comes. I may stay home with my mom – even though I need a vacation day. I may be too exhausted to lug everything in. Linda

    Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2015 17:41:27 +0000 To:

  2. Fleece leggings are a great idea, and sure look a whole lot better than the giant fleece PJs I’ve been wearing all the time! Thank you for all the tips…I might go make my own copy now (though I do not have such cute polka dots in my stash!).

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