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14 denim jacket patterns that’ll always keep you in style

I’m jumping on a fun topic for today: denim jacket patterns for everyone! Making your own DIY denim jacket is one of the best ways to practice sewing with denim, but where to start?

Maybe you’ve always wanted to sew your own jeans but you’re totally intimidated by the migraine that is fitting. The denim jacket is made just for such an occasion. Learning how to make a jean jacket lets you practice everything you need to do to make jeans with a lot less fitting frustration.

Bonus: at the end, you’ll have what’ll likely become the most versatile jacket you own.

So here are some great denim jacket patterns that’ll get you down the rabbit hole of DIY denim jackets. There’s a little something for everyone here (including a free denim jacket pattern!) To finish up, I’ll share my personal favorites. Onward!

Burda 7018 denim jacket pattern with 2 denim jackets

Great denim jacket patterns

Step 1 in how to make a denim jacket is finding a good pattern. Lucky for you, there’s lots to choose from. Here’s a list of 13 denim jacket sewing patterns for kids, women, teens and men. There’s sizes for all bodies and styles ranging from classic to ultra creative.

1. Burda 7018

Burda always has great fit, and my favorite Burda denim jacket pattern is Burda 7018. Burda 7018 has all of the detailing of a classic denim jacket, and it is sized 32-44 (bust 30″-39.5″). This is my personal favorite denim jacket pattern. I’ve made it twice now and I love the fit of it.

The slightly cropped style pairs well with dresses, skirts and just about any top.

My only beef with Burda 7018 is that the cuffs are just hem bands, and they are narrow. It’s nice if you want a fitted look. If on the other hand you’re after a cuff that you can push up, you’ll either have to hack this pattern or find a cuff with a button.

2. Simplicity denim jacket pattern: Simplicity 8845

From Mimi G, this denim jacket pattern is sized bust 30-48″. It’s nice to see a smaller end on a pattern. It’d be great for teens or more petite women. The unisex style means the men haven’t been forgotten either. If you’re looking for a mens’ denim jacket pattern, this is a good place to start.

The topstitching under the front pockets is the kind of sharp detail that makes denim jackets awesome.

3. Style Arc Cindy

Style Arc is always so good at adding ready-to-wear details in their patterns, and Cindy is a great example. This jean jacket pattern is fabulously girly!

The ruffle neck and the curved seamlines bring some femininity to this classic DIY denim jacket. Look for it in bust size 77cm-148cm (30.3″-58.5″). The Style Arc Cindy is available as a printed pattern or PDF. I know shipping from Australia is not cheap, so it’s nice to have a PDF denim jacket pattern option out there.

4. Jalie 2320

This is one of Jalie’s older patterns, but it’s still available as a PDF. The angled back seams are really interesting.

And with Jalie’s 22 sizes, you can make denim jackets from size 2T up to women’s 50. Oh, and that 2 piece sleeve totally ends in a real cuff, so push those sleeves up!

5. Itch to Stitch Atenas

If you’re looking for a denim jacket pattern with cup sizes, Itch to Stitch’s Atenas is for you. Sizes range from 00-20 with A cup =30 1/8″ in the 00 to 49″ for the DD on the 20.

There’s a lovely welt pocket on this jacket. Itch to Stitch also wrote this excellent tutorial for sewing welt pockets on denim jackets. The Atenas is another great PDF denim jacket pattern.

6. Lekala 5565

Holy cats the line drawing on this pattern! This denim jacket pattern has some of the most interesting style lines I’ve ever seen.

This would be a great DIY denim jacket pattern for a more advanced sewist. The extra zippered welt pockets and colorblocked fashion drawing open up some great options for making this jacket more fun. Sizing is custom for you.

7. Rebecca Page Kingston Jacket

Rebecca Page’s Kingston jacket has all the classic detailing you’d expect in a denim jacket pattern. That’s not the end of it though.

There’s multiple sleeve variations that are not at all what you’d expect. I love the idea of trumpet sleeves on a jeans jacket. Shoot, there’s even an add-on pack with knit sleeves and a hood you can add to your jeans jacket.

Plus, there’s a men’s , kids’, and even doll denim jacket pattern in the Kingston Jacket family.

There’s a good size range in this men’s denim jacket pattern. The men’s sizes start at a 32″ chest, so it’d be great for growing boys. The men’s version goes all the way up to a 59″ chest. Women’s sizes are from bust 30″-54″.

8. Peekaboo Pattern Shop Dakota Denim Jacket

The Dakota denim jacket pattern is just for kids, which is nice! Sizes are from 3 months up to 12.

With little fabric requirements, this pattern is a great place to upcycle old jeans. A tiny baby denim jacket is probably the cutest thing I could think about!

9. Studio Calicot Susan Cropped Jacket

The Studio Calicot Susan is another cropped denim jacket pattern. The dropped shoulder gives it a more vintage look. This one would look great over a bodycon dress!

The angled topstitching down the front button bands is a fantastic detail I’ve seen in ready-to-wear.

10. Islander Systems Jacket Express 218

This is the jacket pattern that accompanies Janet Pray’s Sew Better Sew Faster class on Bluprint.

The curved front edges are an unexpected addition to this boxier style denim jacket. The oversized style is for bust 34-60″.

11. Style Arc Stevie

Another jean jacket from Style Arc is the Stevie. It’s the dropped shoulder, more boxy sister to the Cindy.

The curved yokes are a nice detail.

12. Named Maisa jacket

The Named Maisa jacket is a denim jacket that had refashioning in mind. If you’ve never colorblocked before, this pattern gives you a lot of good ideas on how to do that with denim. This is definitely a great choice for a denim jacket pattern from old jeans.

Denim is primed with pure upcycling potential, and Maisa does a good job giving you some ideas on how to capitalize on that. Finished bust measurements are from 35.75″ to 51.25″ (size 0-22).

13. Seamwork Audrey

Seamwork’s Audrey does a good job of condensing all the classic detailing of a good denim jacket into this pattern.

I love that there’s so many front buttons. It makes for a lot of good practice installing tack buttons and also a focal point whether you wear it open or not.

14. Need a free PDF denim jacket pattern? Check out Mood Fabrics Oak Jacket

I’ve not worked with any of Mood’s many free downloadable PDF patterns, but they have quite the library. As for a free denim jacket pattern, the Oak Jacket is pretty cool.

You’ll see a lot of classic details and seaming as in many of the other jackets. The Oak distinguishes itself from the pack with the fun surprise of trim added to the back seam. It’s a specific look, so it may not be for you, but if you found the right trim, who knows? You could of course always skip the trim and get a fine denim jacket pattern for free. Free is always a nice thing!

Of all the denim jacket patterns, which would you pick?

If I had to choose among all of these great jackets, I have a couple of top picks.

Go for Burda 7018 if you’re looking for a classic and you have a more petite frame. It’s the one jacket pattern I’d bronze if I could it’s so good.

For something different, I’d go with the Style Arc Cindy. The combo of pretty fit, fun details and unique style lines is killer.

For versatility, I’ll have to go with the Rebecca Page Kingston. All of the various add-ons and the fact that you can get it for the whole family make it the most versatile jeans jacket pattern. I can’t speak to the fit of this brand, but on paper this is a promising pattern.

So what do you think? Which denim jacket pattern catches your eye?

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