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33 Unique Denim Jacket Patterns You’ll Love To Make

I’m jumping on a fun topic for today: denim jacket patterns for everyone! Making your own DIY denim jacket is one of the best ways to practice sewing with denim, but where to start?

Maybe you’ve always wanted to sew your own jeans but you’re totally intimidated by the migraine that is fitting. The denim jacket is made just for such an occasion. Learning how to make a jean jacket lets you practice everything you need to do to make jeans with a lot less fitting frustration.

Bonus: at the end, you’ll have what’ll likely become the most versatile jacket you own.

So here are 33 great denim jacket patterns that’ll get you down the rabbit hole of DIY denim jackets. There’s a little something for everyone here from classic denim jackets, jean jacket patterns for men, unisex denim jacket patterns, patterns for kids, doll denim jacket patterns, denim jacket patterns with cool ready-to-wear details, some vintage inspired denim jackets and even a free denim jacket pattern! To finish up, I’ll share my personal favorites. Onward!

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How to make a great denim jacket

Step 1 in how to make a denim jacket is finding a good pattern.

Lucky for you, there’s lots to choose from. Here’s a list of 33 denim jacket sewing patterns for kids, women, teens and men. There’s a free jean jacket pattern in here too because it’s always nice to see free patterns! There’s sizes for all bodies and styles ranging from classic to ultra creative. I’ve tried my best to find the most unique jean jacket patterns out there. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a way for websites to earn advertising revenues by advertising and linking toSome of the links below are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a way for websites to earn advertising revenues by advertising and linking toSome of the links below are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase.

What level of sewing experience do you need to make a denim jacket?

Quick before we list out all the jean jacket patterns here: can a beginner sewist sew a denim jacket?

Yes, but I’ll caution you here.

Denim is really beefy as a fabric. If you’re not comfortable working with thick layers of fabric and you haven’t worked on many projects with denim, I would wait to try to sew a jean jacket until you build up some more sewing experience. I know my particular machine has a very difficult time making the horizontal buttonholes on the front placket of denim jackets. You can overcome this by making vertical holes, or you can take your jacket to an alterations place and pay to have professional buttonholes put in. This is usually quite affordable, and you’ll end up with gorgeous buttonholes!

It’s general wisdom that DIY denim jackets are best attempted by intermediate seamstresses on up. That said, I will never tell a beginner she can’t if you’re motivated to put in the work!

Classic jean jacket patterns

Here’s a group of classic denim jacket patterns. In this group, you’ll find typical details like patch pockets, welt pockets, topstitching, flaps, buttoned cuffs and tack buttons galore.

1. Burda 7018

Burda always has great fit, and my favorite Burda denim jacket pattern is Burda 7018. The Burda 7018 has all of the detailing of a classic denim jacket, and it is sized 32-44 (bust 30″-39.5″). This is my personal favorite denim jacket pattern. I’ve made it twice now and I love the fit of it.

The slightly cropped style pairs well with dresses, skirts and just about any top.

My only beef with Burda 7018 is that the cuffs are just hem bands, and they are narrow. It’s nice if you want a fitted look. If on the other hand you’re after a cuff that you can push up, you’ll either have to hack this pattern or find a cuff with a button.

2. Burdastyle 2-2010 cropped denim jacket for petite sizes

If you have a hard time finding this jean jacket pattern since it is now out of print, you can grab this cropped denim jacket from Burdastyle 2-2010. This cropped jean jacket pattern for petites is available as a PDF and has a lot of the same details as Burda 7018 for petite sizes 17-21.

3. Jalie 2320

This is one of Jalie’s older patterns, but it’s still available as a PDF. The angled back seams are really interesting.

And with Jalie’s 22 sizes, you can make denim jackets from size 2T up to women’s 50. Oh, and that 2 piece sleeve totally ends in a real cuff, so push those sleeves up!

4. Itch to Stitch Atenas

If you’re looking for a denim jacket pattern with cup sizes, Itch to Stitch’s Atenas is for you. Sizes range from 00-20 with A cup =30 1/8″ in the 00 to 49″ for the DD on the 20.

There’s a lovely welt pocket on this jacket. Itch to Stitch also wrote this excellent tutorial for sewing welt pockets on denim jackets. The Atenas is another great PDF denim jacket pattern.

5. Studio Calicot Susan Cropped Jacket

The Studio Calicot Susan is another cropped denim jacket pattern. The dropped shoulder gives it a more vintage look. This one would look great over a bodycon dress!

The angled topstitching down the front button bands is a fantastic detail I’ve seen in ready-to-wear.

6. My Golden Thimble Moon Jean Jacket

The Moon Jean Jacket from My Golden Thimble is another classic denim jacket pattern with a lot of different options. You can make this up at waist or hip length, add on 3 different types of pockets. I really like the option to leave it sleeveless with a raw finish. One of my favorite superpowers of denim is it’s ability to create fringed texture, and I love that this pattern highlights that.

This is a PDF pattern with one of the most inclusive size ranges I’ve ever seen. Sizes are 4xs-8xl (Bust 30.5″-58.5″, Hips 32″-60″).

7. Seamwork Audrey

Seamwork’s Audrey does a good job of condensing all the classic detailing of a good denim jacket into this pattern.

I love that there’s so many front buttons. It makes for a lot of good practice installing tack buttons and also a focal point whether you wear it open or not.

8. Style Arc Stacie

Style Arc will pop up later in this list a couple times for their unique highly detailed designs. What I love about the Style Arc Stacie is the fitted streamlined seaming in this classic jean jacket pattern.

9. Papercut Stacker Jacket

The Papercut Stacker Jacket is a pretty beginner-friendly jean jacket pattern with its large patch pockets and minimal design. It does have directions for fully lining it, but you don’t have to. Here’s The Fabric Store showing how you can also add a bias trim finish along the inside facing for an unlined version. Sizes are 1-8 (from bust 76cm-118cm, hips 82cm-124cm) from this New Zealand company.

Men’s Denim Jacket patterns and unisex denim jacket patterns

It’s not always easy to find men’s sewing patterns in general, but I found some really fun men’s jean jacket patterns that are worth trying. Denim jackets in general are also really cool in that the style is often boxy enough to fit both men and women–so one pattern for everyone. Win win!

10. Simplicity denim jacket pattern: Simplicity 8845

From Mimi G, Simplicity 8845 is a denim jacket pattern is sized bust 30-48″. It’s nice to see a smaller end on a pattern. It’d be great for teens or more petite women. The unisex style means the men haven’t been forgotten either. If you’re looking for a mens’ denim jacket pattern, this is a good place to start.

The topstitching under the front pockets is the kind of sharp detail that makes denim jackets awesome.

11. Clothworks Collective Shirt Jacket

The Clothworks Collective Shirt Jacket is a quilted jacket pattern. It’s not specifically a denim jacket pattern, but it has good potential to be a good men’s denim jacket.

If you make this one with a lightweight quilted denim, this could be a really cool jacket for your guy.

Here’s how to quilt fabric from scratch:

12. Fashion Pattern Studio James Trucker Jacket Pattern

The Pattern Studio James Trucker Jacket pattern is a classic jean jacket pattern for men. It’s available as a PDF in Euro sizes 34-44 (chest 88cm-108cm or 34.6″-42.5″). This is a great classic denim jacket from this Spanish designer.

13. Sew What Pattern Studio Shirt Jacket

I’d love to see the Sew What Pattern Studio men’s Shirt jacket pattern in a lightweight denim. It’s got great men’s casual denim style with good sized utility pockets. This PDF pattern is available for xxs-xxl, and finished garment measurements are 45″-57″ at the chest.

14. Friday Pattern Company Ilford Jacket

If I could recommend a denim jacket pattern for beginners, it’d be The Friday Pattern Company Ilford Jacket. It’s got unisex sizing, easy to fit boxy styling, and the large patch pockets are easy for beginners to sew. Make it up in denim or lighter weight linen or canvas even.

Unique Denim Jacket patterns with ready-to-wear details: awesome for more advanced sewers

15. Style Arc Cindy

Style Arc is always so good at adding ready-to-wear details in their patterns, and Cindy is a great example. This jean jacket pattern is fabulously girly!

The ruffle neck and the curved seamlines bring some femininity to this classic DIY denim jacket. Look for it in bust size 77cm-148cm (30.3″-58.5″). The Style Arc Cindy is available as a printed pattern or PDF. I know shipping from Australia is not cheap, so it’s nice to have a PDF denim jacket pattern option out there.

16. Style Arc Stevie

Another jean jacket from Style Arc is the Stevie. It’s the dropped shoulder, more boxy sister to the Cindy.

The curved yokes are a nice detail.

17. Lekala 5565

Holy cats the line drawing on this pattern! This denim jacket pattern has some of the most interesting style lines I’ve ever seen.

This would be a great DIY denim jacket pattern for a more advanced sewist. The extra zippered welt pockets and colorblocked fashion drawing open up some great options for making this jacket more fun. Sizing is custom for you.

18. Rebecca Page Kingston Jacket

Rebecca Page’s Kingston jacket has all the classic detailing you’d expect in a denim jacket pattern. That’s not the end of it though.

There’s multiple sleeve variations that are not at all what you’d expect. I love the idea of trumpet sleeves on a jeans jacket. Shoot, there’s even an add-on pack with knit sleeves and a hood you can add to your jeans jacket.

Plus, there’s a men’s , kids’, and even doll denim jacket pattern in the Kingston Jacket family.

There’s a good size range in this men’s denim jacket pattern. The men’s sizes start at a 32″ chest, so it’d be great for growing boys. The men’s version goes all the way up to a 59″ chest. Women’s sizes are from bust 30″-54″.

19. Coralina Patterns Denim Jacket

The first thing I noticed about the Coralina Patterns Denim jacket is the option for turning your jean jacket into a long duster. How dramatic and fun would that be to wear?! Try out this PDF denim jacket pattern available in Euro sizing 34-44 from this Portuguese designer.

20. Islander Systems Jacket Express 218

This is the jacket pattern that accompanies Janet Pray’s Sew Better Sew Faster class on Bluprint.

The curved front edges are an unexpected addition to this boxier style denim jacket. The oversized style is for bust 34-60″.

21. Wardrobe by Me Canvas Jacket

I love the large utility patch pockets on Wardrobe by Me’s Canvas Jacket. This PDF denim jacket pattern is a natural choice for denim with versatile boxy fit styling.

22. Sienna Maker Jacket by Closet Core Patterns

I really enjoy working with Closet Core Patterns for their consistent fit and really fun details. The Sienna Maker Jacket is a versatile pattern that would work in lots of different fabrics including denim. It’s definitely not a traditional jean jacket pattern, but the buttoned sleeves and the option to turn it into a denim trench coat make for a fun pattern that’s worth a second look.

23. McCalls’ 8011 denim jacket

I love the uniquely shaped pockets on McCalls 8011 and the arrow point on the waistband and optional epaulets. It’s available in sizes xs-m and l-xxl.This one is out of print, but you can find it easily on Ebay or Etsy. This is a great jean jacket for embellishing with embroidered patches.

Denim jacket patterns for kids

There’s a lot of fun jean jacket patterns for kids, and here are some of my favorites!

24. Peekaboo Pattern Shop Dakota Denim Jacket

The Dakota denim jacket pattern is just for kids, which is nice! Sizes are from 3 months up to 12.

With little fabric requirements, this pattern is a great place to upcycle old jeans. A tiny baby denim jacket is probably the cutest thing I could think about!

25. Milky Clouds Patterns Mason Jacket

The Milky Clouds Patterns Mason Jacket is a Kids’ denim jacket pattern from ages 3-13. This pattern is meant for girls and boys and features cozy styling with fun oversized pockets.

The oversized style will keep this jacket in your kids’ closet for multiple years which I love! You can’t always make 100% of your kids stuff, so when it goes further, that’s just awesome.

26. Made by Odiva Doll Denim Jacket Pattern

image courtesy Made by Odiva

Rebecca Page’s Kingston Jacket also has a doll version of that pattern, but this doll denim jacket pattern really caught my eye. The Made By Odiva doll denim jacket is an add on to one of the doll patterns in her shop. It’s so sweet and I can imagine having such a fun time sewing it up and a little girl having a wonderful time with her DIY fashion doll! I love all the tiny topstitching details in miniature form that really echo classic denim jacket styling!

This is appropriate for the Tilda and Odiva doll patterns in the same shop (25″-27″ dolls).

27. Big Day Out denim jacket pattern by Ainslee Fox

The first thing I noticed on the Big Day Out denim jacket pattern for boys and girls by Ainslee Fox was all of the embellishment! There’s so many great ideas for adding fun trim, patches, embroidery and more. This PDF denim jacket pattern is available for kids’ sizes 3-12 and is a slim-fit denim jacket.

Upcycled Denim Jacket Patterns

One of the cool things about denim is how darn sturdy it is. Because of it’s beefy indestructability, you can make and remake things from denim multiple times. The question is, are there some good upcycled jean jacket patterns out there? You betcha!

28. Named Maisa jacket

The Named Maisa jacket is a denim jacket that had refashioning in mind. If you’ve never colorblocked before, this pattern gives you a lot of good ideas on how to do that with denim. This is definitely a great choice for a denim jacket pattern from old jeans.

Denim is primed with pure upcycling potential, and Maisa does a good job giving you some ideas on how to capitalize on that. Finished bust measurements are from 35.75″ to 51.25″ (size 0-22).

29. Paganoonoo Boro Style Jean Jacket

Boro stitching is a Japanese embroidery technique that incorporates long running stitches and often patches of additional fabric. It is a way to both repair old worn out fabrics and a beautiful technique unto itself.

Paganoonoo’s Boro Style Jean Jacket walks you through how to create your own boro jean jacket step by step from a kimono base. I love the unusual shape of this jacket and the fun leather closure, plus this pattern is a great way to use up old denim.

For my own upcycled denim jacket, check out this inspiration.

refashioned denim coat

Jean Jacket Patterns with vintage details

In all my searching, I found a couple of jean jacket patterns with distinct vintage flair. I couldn’t resist adding them!

30. The Sewing Workshop Stafford Jean Jacket

The Sewing Workshop Stafford Jean Jacket is a fun denim jacket pattern with a little bit of a swing coat feel to it. The shorter sleeves are perfect for layering or wearing bracelets and it’d look great in luxe denim fabrics!

31. Pipedream Patterns Marion Jacket

The Pipedream Patterns Marion Jacket is chock full of 80s goodness. It’s got awesome bracelet sleeves, interesting angled seams and a fun buckled hem that adds to its uniqueness. All of the cool seaming would look great made from upcycled denim as well!

32. Butterick 6390 cropped denim jacket by Gertie

When you think vintage in the online sewing world, Gertie should be the first name you think of. She consistently makes beautifully detailed vintage styled patterns, and her Butterick 6390 is no exception. It’s got all the classic cropped denim jacket styling you could dream of.

33. Need a free PDF denim jacket pattern? Check out Mood Fabrics Oak Jacket

I’ve not worked with any of Mood’s many free downloadable PDF patterns, but they have quite the library. As for a free denim jacket pattern, the Oak Jacket is pretty cool.

You’ll see a lot of classic details and seaming as in many of the other jackets. The Oak distinguishes itself from the pack with the fun surprise of trim added to the back seam. It’s a specific look, so it may not be for you, but if you found the right trim, who knows? You could of course always skip the trim and get a fine denim jacket pattern for free. Free is always a nice thing!

Of all the denim jacket patterns, which would you pick?

If I had to choose among all of these great jackets, I have a couple of top picks.

Go for Burda 7018 if you’re looking for a classic and you have a more petite frame. It’s the one jacket pattern I’d bronze if I could it’s so good.

For something different, I’d go with the Style Arc Cindy. The combo of pretty fit, fun details and unique style lines is killer.

For versatility, I’ll have to go with the Rebecca Page Kingston. All of the various add-ons and the fact that you can get it for the whole family make it the most versatile jeans jacket pattern. I can’t speak to the fit of this brand, but on paper this is a promising pattern.

So what do you think? Which denim jacket pattern catches your eye?

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