A fast DIY magnetic pincushion to keep the pins out of your feet!

Craft supplies you need to fancy up your basic magnetic pincushion

  • ModPodge: any finish is good, I’m using matte here
  • any magnetic pincushion
  • scrapbooking paper
  • foam brush

Note about commercial magnetic pincushions

Any magnetic pincushion will work here. A Dritz one from Wal-Mart will run you under $3, and the queen of them all a ultra strong Grabbit is practically a pin vaccum.

You’ll also see I’m suggesting scrapbooking paper for this DIY makeover. I tried using fabric scraps another time, but the ModPodge has a hard time both saturating the fabric while sticking to the slick plastic. You’ll definitely have better luck with the paper!

Cut your paper

First, cut your paper. You can cut one big square or use several different paper scraps and layer them over each other.

Glue on the paper

Paint the backside of the paper with ModPodge. Apply the paper to the pincushion. Shape the paper to the pincushion’s form. You can snip into the paper if needed and overlap pieces for a better fit.

Set it aside to dry. When it’s dry, trim away any excess paper you might have. An Exacto knife works good here.

Add a finish coat

When the pincushion is dry, brush ModPodge over the surface to finish your pincushion.

When it’s dry, enjoy your fresh DIY pincushion.

Whether you make your own DIY magnetic pincushion or make over your old one, you’ll enjoy having this handy tool. And your feet will thank you for it!

Make one for yourself, or make one for one of your sewing friends this holiday season.

Check out the video version of the tutorial in which I paint with nail polish extra fast!

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