Skirt Refashion: a free apron pattern for you

apron on a dress form

Today I’m walking you through an easy skirt refashion.

So often I find fun skirts at the thrift store that I love but wouldn’t wear. Maybe the colors are a little too loud or making it fit me would be more complicated than it’s worth.

thrift store skirt

Ah, but the PRINTS! Sometimes you can’t walk away from the prints.

So let’s think outside of a skirt must be a skirt box and let’s chop up that eyecatcher of a cute skirt and turn it into an apron.

Psst. There’s a free pattern in it for you when you sign up for my newsletter! You can do that below. Let’s dive in!

Make an apron from an old skirt

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Supplies for this skirt refashion

  • Skirt apron pattern (sign up for my newsletter and get happy mail!)
  • Cotton or Linen skirt: lined or unlined
  • Contrast cotton fabric: 5/8 yard if the skirt is unlined, 1/4 yard if the skirt is lined
  • Fusible interfacing: 2 pieces, 2″X3″
  • Velcro: 3″ of 3/4″ wide velcro
  • Turn it all tubes (*affiliate link*)
  • Basic sewing supplies: machine, ruler, scissors, chalk/other marking tool, thread, iron, pins

Printing out the pattern

Once you’re signed up for the newsletter, you’ll get the password for the Resource Library. Head on over to the library, and enter in the password. From there, you can download and print out the pattern.

Cutting your skirt refashion

Fold skirt on center back

skirt folded on center back, ready to be cut for a skirt refashion

Move the lining (if it’s there) out of the way and fold the skirt on center back.

Make sure the side seams are stacked right on top of each other.

Smooth everything nice and flat.

Assemble your pattern pieces

The skirt apron pattern has two pieces and will print on 2 8.5″x11″ pages. Cut around the pieces, and match the gray dotted lines and the stars. Tape into place.

Lengthen or shorten either if you need to. If you want to make this for a child or get more coverage across your chest if you like, you can fold out width on the bib along the “add/subtract width” line.

Cut bib and strap pieces

skirt folded on center back, with apron pattern pieces laid on it, ready to be cut for a skirt refashion

Going back to your folded skirt, cut out the bib and strap pieces. You’ll need 1 bib on the fold, and 2 straps.

Fold the lining on itself at center back just like with the skirt.

Cut 1 bib and 2 straps from your lining. If your skirt is unlined, cut these pieces from your contrast cotton.

**Do your best to follow the grainline. Sometimes with refashioning, you have to bend this sewing rule a little. I cut my straps on the grainline so that I didn’t cut too much out of the back skirt.**

pattern pieces for an apron bib and straps

Even up the back

Your skirt probably looks a little like a choppy mess right now. Let’s fix that!

skirt back that's been partially cut out in the process of a skirt refashion

Use your ruler and draw a straight line from the top waistband down to the edge of the widest part of your cutting.

Extend that line all the way to the hem. Repeat for the other side, then cut from hem to waistband on those lines through the lining and the outer fabric.

Don’t worry if the lining isn’t exactly even on all points with the outer fabric. We’ll take care of that when we’re sewing.

And the last thing to cut:

Cut the ties

2 pieces of cotton fabric cut for apron ties for a skirt refashion

We need two ties to fasten the apron in the back.

Use your ruler to cut 2 rectangles from your contrast cotton. They need to be 4″X36″ wide.

And now it’s sewing time!

next page graphic with spool of thread

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  1. I would really appreciate the pattern for the Apron Refashioned from a skirt please. I have already subscribed to your newsletter but didn’t receive the pattern I requested. Many thanks. Paula.

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