drawstring backpack with water bottle and soccer ball

Sew an Easy DIY drawstring backpack

Sewing on the pockets

pressing side seams of diy drawstring backpack

Press the side seams of the bag in one direction. Turn the backpack towards the right side.

folding diy drawstring backpack pocket in half and pressing

Fold the sides of the pocket pieces together and lightly press the vertical center of the pockets.

where to sew pocket to diy drawstring backpack

Line up that center fold of a pocket with one of the side seams. Pin the sides in place. Next, sew the sides of pocket to your backpack close to the pressed edge. Backstitch at the top of each pocket side.

Pin the second pocket in place and stitch the sides just as you did with the first one. Almost done!

Finishing the sewing

where to pin and sew loop to diy drawstring backpack

Fold one of the loops in half and pin it 3/4″ from the side seam on the bottom front side of the bag. Baste the loop in place.

Repeat with the second loop, folding it in half and basting it 3/4″ from the second side seam.

where to sew bottom seam of diy drawstring backpack

To finish up, fold the backpack right sides together and sew the bottom seam with a 1/2″ seam allowance. Finish the seam allowance and turn the backpack towards the right side. Give the backpack a good press on the edges.

Now it’s time to add the drawstring.

Threading the drawstring backpack

This is a little weird, but it’ll make sense as you’re doing it. Definitely this step is a lot clearer to see on the video. The threading happens about at 8’45”.

threading paracord through loop

First, pass one end of the paracord through one of the bottom loops. I’m starting on the left side.

You can adjust the length to fit your child at this point. Cut off any extra cord. Melt the cut with a lighter so the cord doesn’t fray, then tie a little simple knot at the each end.

drawstring backpack with water bottle, cleats, shin guards, and soccer ball

And you made your own DIY drawstring bag. They’re great all-purpose kid-friendly bags. I could see them holding stuffed animals and a change of clothes for sleepovers or for going swimming.

If you make up one with this tutorial, I’d love to hear about it!

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  1. There are two places in the tutorial that you say put the backpack pieces wrong sides together to sew the side seams – I’m assuming you mean put the right sides together? The pictures show the fabric right sides together.

  2. Hi Elizabeth,
    I printed out the pattern; however, I don’t know how to figure the size to cut the fabric per pattern piece. I’m new to sewing by pattern.
    I’m excited to sew this for my soccer granddaughter!
    Thanks much,
    DIana Cokeley

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