Make your own DIY denim flowers

Make your DIY denim flowers into pins

The easiest way to add your DIY denim flowers to any project is to first make it into a pin. This way you can remove the flowers for washing or wear it on another garment.

Flip your flower to the wrong side. Squeeze out a little E-6000 glue onto a pin back. Stick the pin back into the center of the flower’s back and let it dry.

If you know you’re going to want to wash your flower, seal the raw edges of the fabric with Fray Check or Fray Block. This is optional because of course, the edges will fray in the wash, and you might like that!

After it’s dry, here’s some ideas of where you can add your fabric flowers:

Things to do with your DIY denim flowers

  • Add them to a cardigan neckline
  • Pin them to a denim jacket (I declare it totally doesn’t count as double denim!)
  • Pin them to a denim skirt
  • Add them to a cozy scarf
  • Cover a slouchy winter hat with them.
  • Refresh an old handbag by gluing a few to it (E-6000 baby!)

Have I got your brain dreaming up possibilities for these fabric flowers yet? I hope so! I know my youngest son was desperately thinking that I should cover an ENTIRE jacket like I did with this pompom sweater. I’ll throw it out there that that would be ambitious, LOL, but definitely whatever you do with your DIY denim flowers, they’re going to become a great focal point!

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