diy candy corn pillow with buttons, leaves, pumpkins and embroidery floss

How to make a candy corn pillow (easy for kids)

You’ll love making this easy diy candy corn pillow with your kids!

We’re taking easy sewing felt, adding a little simple hand embroidery and finishing off the pillow with the machine.

There’s so much to enjoy here: the cute embroidered faces, the happy candy corn colors, stuffing the pillow itself. This is a great little project for kids you can make in a lazy afternoon.

Use them as a seasonal decoration, another friendly stuffie for your kids, or even a candy corn pincushion.

So grab some felt and let’s make some candy corn pillows!

diy candy corn pillows

Tips for making a candy corn pillow with kids

I’ve made these with my own kids as well as students in a class of 6 and 7 year olds. Here’s what I’ve found the kids need a little help with:

  • Threading the needle with embroidery floss/tying a knot.
  • At the machine: they may need an extra set of hands to help guide them around corners and sew near the edge. If they miss and the pillow has holes, just stitch back over those areas before you stuff it.

Mostly, just have fun. This is a project to make you smile, and if they’re a little imperfect, your kids are still building sewing skills even at this simple level. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a way for websites to earn advertising revenues by advertising and linking toSome of the links below are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase.

Supplies to make a candy corn pillow

What kind of felt should I use?

There’s several different types of felt. The nice thing is that they’re all easy to sew.

For this project, craft felt from any craft store is a good, inexpensive choice.

If you’d like something a little nicer, wool felt can’t be beat. It’s beautiful, easier to sew and will age better over time. My favorite wool felt is from Over the River.

Learn more about how to sew felt.

How to make a candy corn pillow

Make your pattern

folding piece of paper and cutting out sewing pattern

First, fold a piece of paer in half vertically.

Draw a half-triangle in the middle of your paper, rounding the bottom corner and the top as it goes toward the fold.

Cut out the paper on the lines you drew with paper scissors.

Cut out the felt pieces

Lay the pattern piece on your yellow felt. Pin the pattern piece in place, then cut around the pattern piece with your fabric scissors.

Cut a second piece of yellow felt the same way.

After that, cut strips of white and orange felt.

Layer the strips on top of both the yellow candy corn pieces. You can pin them in place if you’d like.

Flip the pieces over so that the yellow felt is visible. Cut away the extra white and orange felt so that the edges are even with the yellow felt.

Embroidering the colored felt onto the candy corn pillow

Next, cut a length of embroidery floss. I used white here, but black is good too or a matching color if you’d like.

Separate out 2 strands of floss, then thread your needle so that the thread is doubled in the middle.

Tie a knot at the ends of the floss.

Take one of the colored pieces of felt and pin it in place on top of one layer of the yellow felt pattern piece.**

**(You can skip this part if you’d like. Felt doesn’t move around a lot and while pins can be helpful, I always like to take out the chance of a kid poking herself.)

Starting on the backside of the candy corn piece, bring the needle up through both layers. Use a running stitch or a backstitch to secure the felt down. Be sure to sew close to the edge of the felt all around the 4 sides of the piece. Finish a section on the wrong side of the candy corn piece, and tie a knot at the base of your floss.

Repeat this process for the other pieces of orange and white felt.

When you’re done you should have 2 embroidered candy corn pieces.

Give your candy corn pillow a face

Thread up your needle with black floss.

Make a couple short stitches to make eyes. From there, add a couple backstitches to make a mouth. It’s up to you what your mouth looks like. Your candy corn pillow deserves some personality, so let your imagination go wild here!

Machine sew the candy corn pillow together

Place the candy corn pieces wrong sides together. Clip the edges together with Wonder Clips if you’d like.

Starting in the middle of the bottom edge, sew the felt pieces together about 1/8″ from the edge.

When you get to a corner, lift the presser foot and pivot your work.

Sew all the way around the candy corn pieces, stopping a couple inches from where you started sewing on the bottom of the pillow.

Stuffing the pillow and finishing

From here, stuff your candy corn pillow with some Polyfil.

Don’t stuff it too full, or it’ll be difficult to close up the hole.

When you like your pillow’s look, take it back to the machine.

Finish off your adorable candy corn pillow by stitching up the hole about 1/8″ away from the edge.

diy candy corn pillow with buttons, leaves, pumpkins and embroidery floss

And that’s how simple it is to make a candy corn pillow. Have fun with this one!

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