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66 Easy Embellishment ideas for your sewing projects

Hardware embellishments

This group of embellishment ideas is all about adding metal to your sewing projects. You see hardware added to a lot of ready to wear garments, and you can add those elements too!

52. Zippers: zippers can be a great decorative embellishment! Buy the nicest zippers you can find and use them for function or just for looks. Have you ever seen those flowers made just from zipper tape?

53. Lacing: lace-up elements with small grommets and the like can be another hardware element that adds some function.

54. Buckles: I have a weird source for great buckles–old purses! Sometimes you can find really high quality buckles on purses that have lived their handbaggy lives. Cool buckles + a coat =a piece of fantastic.

55. Toggles: like buckles, but just for coats. If you find the toggle buttons with leather, they can be a really beautiful addition to a coat or jacket.

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56. Frogs: Another decorative closure. You can make them yourself from bias tubes, but it’s much easier to buy them.

57. Grommets: They’re not just for curtains. Grommets can add a little bit of nautical touch to a jacket or just be a decorative touch in place of buttons.

58. Rivets: jeans would not be jeans without rivets! Usually they’re functional, but sometimes you’ll come across designers that will go so far as to put rivets all down the side seams. That’s definitely something worth trying!

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59. Fabric loops: fabric loops can be another decorative closure. I loved how these ones turned out on this refashioned sweater.

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