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16 tips for better fabric shopping online

14. Shop around

One of the awesome things about shopping for fabric online is that you can often find the same fabric at another store for cheaper.

This is especially easy if the given fabric store gives you the designer name or collection. Without having to drive to another store, you can comparison shop within seconds. I’ve found patterns, fabric, zippers, thread, and so many other sewing goodies for cheaper this way.

Onto some super pro online fabric shopping tips.

15. Actually call up a fabric store

I know, I know. Part of the beauty of fabric shopping online is being able to not have to interact with anybody, but sometimes you need to do just that.

Have questions? Need personal advice on what fabric to choose, or you aren’t sure about a color. Find that little “contact us” section of the fabric store’s site and call up a real live person.

Say, “I’m making ________ for ________, and I’m not sure about _______. What do you think?”

I promise you, in many cases you’ll get a helpful person who will help you make an informed decision about what to buy. Smaller online fabric stores will very often be extra awesome like this!

And the most important tip of all to remember when you’re learning how to shop for fabric online:

16. Know you can *usually* return things

Sometimes things go south when you order fabric online. Maybe they mix up your order or what you get is not what you expected.

Before you order, be sure you know what a fabric shop’s return policy is. This is a caveat emptor situation, but you just might have to use that policy. It’s a pain, but it can be worth it to you in the end.

So with all of these ideas, hopefully you feel confident now knowing how to shop for fabric online.

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