15 ways to make time to sew

11. Stock up on fabric + notions

Let’s face it, trudging to the fabric store mid-project can be a massive time suck.

If you have a stash of basic items like zippers, buttons, interfacing, and fabric for at least a few projects, you won’t have to stop to go to the store before your next sewing session. Places like Wawak and Amazon can make it really easy to stock up on basics.

Fewer trips to an actual fabric store= more time to sew.

12. Include your kids in your sewing space

I think sometimes Moms really want to be totally undisturbed in their sewing time. I get it. Some days little people and life in general make you want to want to escape totally.

I want my kids to grow up with good memories of sewing instead of thinking that the sewing room that forbidden Mom cave.

One of the ways to promote those good sewing feelings is to include your kids in your sewing space.

My oldest exploring the scrap bin back in the day

Set out a table for them to draw or a box with scraps they can rifle through. And if somebody ends up on your lap while you hem a shirt, that’s okay too.

The more your kids feel welcome in your sewing space, the more understanding they can be when you want to make time to sew.

13. Commit to a certain number of minutes/day

Another quick way to make time to sew is to set yourself a time challenge. How many minutes can you sew in a given day? 10? 30? Whatever that number, commit to practicing your sewing craft for that amount of time every day for a week.

If you’re doing well with that number, can you add more time? If not, can you keep up the practice for a whole month? Committing to a small daily sewing challenge can really boost your efforts in finding time to sew.

14. Consider collaborating

This one can go hand in hand with #12. If you’re short on time, maybe pick a project that you and your child can work on together. My kids aren’t old enough to do a whole project, but they do love to help do a couple small tasks like clipping threads or picking out fabric.

They even will come to me with drawings that they want on a t-shirt for me to embroider. Here’s how you can embroider your kids art on t-shirts.

child wearing an embroidered t-shirt

Working with your kids can be a great break from bigger sewing projects. You’ve made time to sew, and you’ve loved on your kids with the thing you love to do. Always a good thing!

15. Ask for time

I think as Moms we often feel guilty asking for time to go out of the house or to work on something alone. But truly, there’s days that you need a break from everything.

I’m giving you permission: it’s okay to negotiate time for yourself with your family to make time to sew.

If there’s a monthly sewing group you can attend, work out a way for you to be there.

In the end, You have this craft that you love. Your family knows that you love it, and that it fires you up creatively so that you have energy for the rest of the days workings.

Knowing this, if you involve your family in the planning of you finding time to sew by simply asking them how they feel about it, I just bet they’ll be behind you 100%

16. Make something simple

A lot of times when your sew-jo is low and you’re feeling like time is not on your side, a quick win can be a welcome relief. Make something you can make lightning fast like one of these 7-minute zipper bags, or brighten someone else’s day with some easy projects for charity sewing.

Even if you think you have no time at all, I just bet you can find an extra few minutes to make something easy!

What’s your favorite way to make time to sew?

We’ve identified 15 different ways to make time to sew, but at the end of the day, you’ve got to put it into action. Which step will you put into action today? Let me know in the comments which one really hit home for you. Which one will you try first?

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  1. Thanks for this great tips.I have been having issues with time management,which has affected my time for sewing or working on new designs.
    I will also learn to put my phones away and focus on things that I want to achieve.
    Thanks so much

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