diy laminated cotton

Make your own laminated fabric with Heat n’ Bond iron-on vinyl

How to make glitter laminated fabric

This is just some extra fun you can have with this whole idea of making laminated fabric.


Essentially, we’re going to sandwich in some glitter between the fabric and the vinyl. I’ve been playing around with this technique, and it’s just another fun thing to add to your DIY fabric repertoire.

Adding the glitter to the fabric

I’ve now tested this out on cotton jersey, canvas, and some shibori dyed cotton leftover from this Shibori dye Penny dress. I’ve had good results with all of them!

First, cover your ironing board with some brown craft paper. Glitter is one of those crafty contagions that gets everywhere. If you’ve read my post on sewing sequin fabric, a lot of the same rules apply here!

Cut your fabric and iron-on vinyl as before.

Next, lay out the fabric on your protected surface. Sprinkle glitter over the surface. Don’t make the glitter layer too thick, or the vinyl won’t stick to the fabric well.

You can use the edge of a piece of paper if you like to scrape patterns through the glitter if you like.

Fusing the vinyl to the glittered fabric

Unpeel the backing from the vinyl and position the sticky side over the fabric.

adding Heat n' Bond iron-on vinyl to cotton to make laminated fabric

Next cover the fabric with the shiny side of the backing paper. Just like before, use the heat of the iron to melt the vinyl to the fabric, holding the iron in place for 8 seconds before moving it to the next section.

Finish up by ironing the wrong side of the fabric.

Now you have DIY glittered vinyl!!!

Use your glittered vinyl for appliques or just like you would use the regular laminated fabric.

glitter vinyl zipper bag
7 minute DIY zipper bag with DIY glitter vinyl

Might I suggest a 7 minute DIY zipper bag?

What will you make with your DIY laminated fabric?

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