With so many helpful sewing tools out there, which are the best sewing tools out there? As the daughter of an engineer, a good gadget wins a lot of appreciation for me. And I’ll be the first to admit that I probably have too many sewing (and kitchen) tools. But if a tool actually makes my life easier, I get practically evangelical about it. Which sewing tools are of the deserted island variety? Sewing tools for cutting There’s plenty of different types of helpful sewing tools, and cutting tools are some of my favorites. Fabric that’s cut well will give you a much nicer project in the end. An all-in-1 seam ripper + thread clipper 1. Small embroidery scissors A lot of people would say “seam ripper” as their #1 sewing tool. And why not?. We all make mistakes and need that faithful friend to help fix them. But I’m…