I can’t say that I ever participated in the Ugly Christmas sweater phenomenon growing up. Yes, I did DIY a Santa hat with lots of lights for orchestra performances in junior high, but an ugly Christmas sweater? Nope. So the past several years, I’ve seen more and more of these absurdly over-the-top creations ranging from funny to tacky to even vulgar. While I’ll pass on the last category, I’m definitely embracing the tacky and over the top with this pompom laden no-sew ugly Christmas sweater. Let me show you how I made mine and how you can make one for yourself! Pompom no-sew ugly Christmas sweater Find a sweater as your base To make this sweater, you’ll need a sweater as a base to hold all the pompoms. Before! Any style of sweater will do! You control how many pompoms are on your final sweater, so a cardigan, vest, long-sleeved,…