pattern hack


Continuing with my raglan tee series, today we’re sewing a scarf neck sleeveless raglan tee. What’s awesome about it? It’s a hot weather top that’s something different than a tank top. It’s even easier to sew than the classic raglan tee! Because…no neck binding! Even cooler? That neck binding gets replaced with a colorful silk scarf. Pop it out and exchange it for another one whenever you want. It’s an easy way to add a little color to an otherwise plain jersey tee and it’s so so easy for summer wearing. I’ll show you the quick pattern hack, what you need to get it done, and then we’ll sew it. So grab your favorite scarf and 45 minutes and let’s get this done! Supplies for your scarf neck sleeveless raglan tee Raglan tee pattern (DIY or your favorite!) front and back pieces onlytracing paperstrip of fusible interfacing about 12″ long…