I went and done it.  I took my first plunge down the deep rabbit hole of Elizabeth Made This’ YouTube channel.  Producing took way longer than I expected it to, but my first official video is now up!  I hope you enjoy this split flutter sleeve tee pattern hack tutorial.

For the sharp ears, you can enjoy my kids’ laughter in the background!


I’d love to see your own versions of this top!  If you follow this tutorial through, please show it off!  Drop me a line here or you can tag me on Instagram @elizabethmadethis or on my Elizabeth Made This Facebook page.


Happy hacking!


Elizabeth is a self-taught sewist with a love for all things DIY and creative. Her friend calls her "The Fabric Manipulator" and she's always looking for ways to squeeze the most out of her sewing time in between caring for her 4 kids and husband.


  1. gilliancrafts Reply

    Bravo! That was really nicely structured and edited! Really clear instructions too – and you are so cute! Loved it!

    • Thanks Gillian! I’m glad you enjoyed it! Teaching is something I love, and I’m really looking forward to doing more of this!

  2. Congratulations! You obviously enjoy what you are doing! May your channel just grow from strength to strength.

    • Thanks for the kind words! I’ve thought a long time before jumping into this, and I’m really looking forward to the journey. It’s a new opportunity to learn and to teach!

  3. I saw you joined YouTube! Congratulations and Welcome! Wish you all the best with your channel!

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