Sewing Tips and Sewing Guides

Struggling to find good sewing information on various sewing techniques? Here you’ll find gamechanger sewing tips and sewing guides that’ll help you at all levels of your sewing journey and help you solve your sewing problems. Learn sewing tips for beginners, special fabric guides to help you work with a variety of fabrics, knit sewing tips, find a comprehensive sewing dictionary, learn the best places to buy fabric, how to buy fabric wisely, and other general tips for sewing that’ll help you become a better seamstress right now.

sewing scissors with knit fabric

The best sewing scissors for you

I’m pitting my favorite scissors against each other. By the end of this, we’ll see who deserves the title of the best sewing scissors. …

Fabric marking tools you should try

Maybe because my Dad’s an engineer I’ve always had this curiosity for gadgets. If there’s some kind of gizmo that’ll make a job better …
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