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I’ve had this project done for a while but haven’t gotten around to posting about it.  I think that’s mostly because it’s one of those not-terribly-interesting-but-wholly-useful projects that we all find necessary from time to time.

I got to a point where I just needed to do something about my migrating ironing notions.  They were always all on the ironing board, all on my sewing table, all in the drawer of my random notions organizer, or occasionally, all on the sink in the bathroom where my iron is.  I’ve  spent a lot of time looking for the one I need or playing keep away from Noah with the ones that end up by the sink.

For a while now I’ve contemplated the usefulness of having some sort of organizer to hang up on the shower bar in the bathtub where my ironing board is.  In July, in keeping with my love of using fabric for the tasks that are printed on them, I found some rather appropriate fabric for such an ironing organizer.  In an attempt to rid myself of cotton quilting fabrics, I found another bit of nice Alexander Henry fabric that I backed with muslin to beef up my pockets.  With a few fast seams, some iron work, some backing fabric (some stretch cotton twill leftover from a skirt), a couple of buttonholes and some ribbon, and I found myself with a lovely pocket-filled hangy thing that makes all of those random glue sticks, seam tapes, iron cleaner, press cloths, and pressing templates in handy reach of my iron.  Plus it’s nicer to look at than the back of the shower.

If you’re looking for directions, I browsed the directions from Simple Sewing with a French Twist, but I changed the dimensions to fit what I had in fabric and the towel bar I was fitting the organizer too.  You could make up your own pattern anyhow–it’s just simple rectangles.  It’d be a good project to work on with kids for that reason.

I’m STILL sewing garments.  Cow.  I made 2 more Thursday and Friday, and I just cut out a sleeper I’m making for Noah for Christmas.  I would think I’d be stressed by this sudden flurry of activity, but I really am having a blast and am more than ready for Christmas.  I would’ve put on my 2 latest garments for pictures this morning, but as I’m battling a nasty bit of chest cold, pajamas and one of Nathan’s old hoodies was about as glamorous as it was going to get today.  Never fear–you’ll see them all.

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  1. You have definitely been busy. Hope you’re feeling better. I’ve had a bit of cold/flu the last couple days. I’m hoping to be well by Christmas.

    Have a Merry Christmas!

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