Best sewing tools

Best sewing tools

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What are the best sewing tools that you need?  Here find sewing tool lists, best sewing gadgets, recommended sewing tools, and sewing tools for beginners and advancing seamstresses alike.

essential sewing supplies for every sewist with sewing tools
collection of pattern weights

3 fun DIY Pattern weights to make

Today we’re going a little crafty with 3 different ways to make DIY pattern weights. I don’t remember when I made the shift to using pattern …
sewing scissors with knit fabric

The best sewing scissors for you

I’m pitting my favorite scissors against each other. By the end of this, we’ll see who deserves the title of the best sewing scissors. …

Fabric marking tools you should try

Maybe because my Dad’s an engineer I’ve always had this curiosity for gadgets. If there’s some kind of gizmo that’ll make a job better …
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