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What’s up?! I’m Elizabeth

Sew something creative

I help women build their sewing skills and explore creativity in sewing.

I’m Elizabeth Farr, and I want to give you the tips, inspiration and ideas to help you sew what you want to whether it’s in a pattern or in your head.

On my blog Elizabeth Made This I share lots of sewing tips and guides that’ll help you troubleshoot when you’re staring cross-eyed at a confusing pattern.  

Guides like this Knit Fabric Cheat Sheet that I’m offering for free are meant to give you a quick reference when you need it most.


You’ll also find DIY projects like refashion tutorials and how to make your own fabric with things like dye and block printing.  

To round it off, I also write step by step sewing tutorials for easy sewing projects up to more complicated pattern hacks so you can apply your learning as you grow in your sewing confidence.

Think of me as your sewing big sister sitting next to you helping you work through your frustrations and cheering you on to try something new.  

At the end of the day, it’s my goal to help you sew something creative!

pinning plackets to front for a henley t-shirt