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Learn all about fabric dye here. Here’s how to alter existing fabrics with bleaching or overdye. Create unique handmade fabrics with dye techniques like shibori and ice dyeing.

overdye samples  and bleach dyed samples

Dyeing with bleach =easy fabric fun in a bottle

Dyeing with bleach might be one of the most interesting ways to add some texture and design to plain fabric. If you think about it, designers have been using bleach on jeans for forever. It’s for good reason. A little bleach with a little thought can totally change the look. A standard pair of jeans…

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How to rescue boring projects by overdyeing fabric

We’ve all made things that are kind of a snore. Maybe that dress is “serviceable” but it’s also not something you’re super excited to wear. Do you know what can fix that? Overdyeing fabric. Unless your fabric is very dark to begin with, you can always add dye to it to shift the colors a…

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How to Ice Dye Fabric: easy beautiful DIY fabric just takes ice

It’s summer so why not try your hand at ice dyeing fabric? Ice dyeing is one of the more dramatic and easiest ways to dye fabric. After all, there’s no hot dye! Ice dyeing is like watercolor on fabric where you don’t hold the brush! In this post, I’ll tell you about the best fabrics…

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Shibori dye Sew Over It Penny Dress

You know what’s awesome about dyeing fabric?  It’s so absurdly low-tech, and yet the possibilities you have to create interesting effects are infinite.  Shibori dye has been on my DIY bucket for a while now, so when LA Finch Fabrics approached me to review their PFD Organic cotton shirting, oh, and dye it, I had…

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Spice dyed coloring book bag: Adventures in natural dyes

What experience do you have with natural dyes? This bag was published in the Autumn 2017 edition of Altered Couture magazine.* Altered Couture has a couple of challenges running this year that have caught my eye.  One of the challenges is to use natural dyes from foodstuffs to create a project.  Being a cook, I…

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Ice Dyed jeggings and DG Patterns Grace cardigan

I’ve been sitting on this project for a couple weeks now absolutely DYING to share these pants.  Ice dyeing is something that’s been on my radar for a couple of years, but I’ve been hesitant to jump on board.  When I bought a really nice, but very white length of jeggings fabric from LA Finch…

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Herringbone linen Blank Slate Oceanside pants

I made this version of the Blank Slate Oceanside Pants last year just after my daughter was born and just thought they were just okay.  While they made it into my top 5 misses from last year, I found them recently and decided I’d been unfair to them and the pattern.  It’s pretty typical for…

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