I found this dress in the midst of some of the lovely fabric I found when Nathan’s Grandma let me raid her stash.  At first I just thought it was a bit of fabric very cool patterned lightweight polyester.  I unfolded it and saw that it was not only a dress, but it looked suspiciously like it was cut precisely to my size.  Exactly.  Perfectly.  Amazing too, given that I would guess the dress is from the 60’s. It’s a Jackie-O looking style dress.  Here’s a good one on Etsy for comparison (don’t you love the jacket?!).  The scarf is a vintage Echo 100% silk scarf I picked up at the thrift store for $2.

The side seams, center front, and center back seams were sewn, plus the zipper beautifully installed (phew–I hate putting in zippers).  The darts and the faux princess seams were basted in.  The shoulder seams were handily not done at all, which gave me some room for experimentation.  I’m going to start listing my goals that I have for garments that I make.  Call it a new feature to the blog.

Grandma Williams’ 1960’s Jackie O dress

Goal:  1.  Draft my own facings to finish the neckline, back, and armholes.

2.  Make button loop closures at the shoulders so that I can still wear a dress and feed my child

Goal 1 success?:  I think so.  I recently took Pattern Review’s facings class (it was fantastic–such great information.  Facings were so confusing to me before).  With the info from the class I was able to quickly and painlessly draft my own facings that fit this garment with an unknown/unavailable to me pattern.  The dress fits me like a glove and I LOVE it.  Maybe I’ll start scrounging about for 60’s patterns.  Perhaps it’s more my style than I’ve given it credit for being.

Goal 2 success?:  I made some loop closures out of white rattail that I stitched to some grosgrain ribbon for stabilization.  They work, but the loops could be a bit smaller, and more buttons would be more fun and more secure.  Still, the loops are functional, which they need to be.  The back shoulder is a bit wider than the front because I didn’t bother measuring.  Oh well.  There’s a 98% chance that  I’ll pop a cardigan over the whole thing once it gets cooler here, so that will be my own little secret.



  1. Oh, it is beautiful! Aren’t you lucky! I want to find an already almost made SOMETHING!! I have decided to FINISH all of my WIPs, they are starting to overrun my sewing room. The print on the fabric is awesome!! And I like the buttons, very ingenious of you! xo

  2. I love the buttons on the shoulders! Such a clever detail, and a great way to add your own personal touch.

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