My Mom and Aunts and I had a wonderful time at the Antique show in IA this weekend.  There were rows and rows of people all along the streets in this little town.  We walked until it was too hot and we were tired.  We could have been there for a week for all of the antiques that were there.

This is what I found:

I love vintage tablecloths…not just for strudel-making, but because they’re so cheery with their bright patterns and colors and they are impeccably made.  I defy anyone to find a modern mass-produced tablecloth that will last 50+ years.

Mom bought me this tea cup which coincidentally matched the lemonade set that I found and bargained for.  Sadly, part of the top broke off on the trip back to Colorado.  I’m trying to find a food-safe epoxy to fix it.  It shall just have to be pretty until then.

Before we went, Mom made her famous apple fritters and I taught my aunts how to pull strudel dough.  They were quick students and did a beautiful job on a batch of cherry strudel.  My Grandpa watched us, giving us hints that he remembered from my Great-Grandma when he was a kid watching her pull strudel.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful time.

    Did you encounter the flooding in IA? Where did you go? Omaha’s my hometown, so IA is very close. We go through IA everytime we drive home.

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