I end up sewing for myself mostly because we’ve been given most of the boys’ clothes and because my husband is so not a clothes horse.  But once in a while I come across a special piece of fabric that I set aside for somebody.

The last time we were in North Carolina visiting Nathan’s grandparents, Nathan’s grandma graciously allowed me to sift through her stash.  I found some lovely treasures including a dress that only lacked finishing, some fun canvas, and some scraps from this really pretty shirting that perhaps had been used to make up a shirt for Nathan’s grandpa.  Nathan’s grandpa passed on just a few days after Sam was born, so i thought it’d be a fitting tribute to make up a shirt for Noah.

Noah’s been super into robots of late, so I asked him if he wanted a robot on his shirt.  Seeing scraps of this Jack and Beanstalk fabric leftover from his apron, he decided he’d prefer that.  So we’ll save robot appliques for another day.  He woke us up this morning at a quarter to 6, saying, “Jack and the Beanstalk! Jack and the Beanstalk!”  It’s a good thing I’m a morning person…

This is my first jaunt with pearl snaps, and I must say that I’m a fan.  I keep forgetting to buy a snap setter when I’m at Denver Fabrics, but the good ole wooden spool/rubber mallet combo did the trick anyhow.  The pattern is from New York Kids’ Style vol 1, that I’ve written about before.  It’s a great book–totally worth the price as every single pattern is usable, and the drafting is fantastic.  My only complaint of this pattern is that the buttons are marked really far from CF, which is easily fixed (I might have traced the 3T markings instead of the 2T too).

As for Sam, he pretty regularly sleeps through the night provided that his arms are covered.  He loves to break his arms out of his swaddling, and if he’s short-sleeved, you can bet I’m nursing at unholy hours of the night to warm up those cold little hands.  This is my first Ottobre pattern (from the 1-2009 issue).  Either Finnish children are rather large, or my children are rather small because this shirt (I lengthened it from a romper pattern to make a big sleep shirt) is enormous.   And because I used an old cotton/super spandex t-shirt that will fit over his head when he’s Noah’s size, it should last him a long time despite being too big now.  I also managed to find a scrap of felt from a wool blazer I used to make my Teal Diaper Bag–it was just the right size for the chicken applique.  I really enjoy making appliques though I steer away from them on my own clothes.

At the end of the day, sewing for the boys, at least I know I have a satisfied customer.


  1. ooooh…I LOVE seeing your beautiful boys!! Soooo precious!! I have yet to make shirts, you just make it look too easy!! Great job!! xo

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