t-shirt project

I made it!  The T-shirt project has finished, and whether you made 1, 2, 12, or 27.47 t-shirts this year, feel free to add your efforts to the link party below.  Here’s my recap:

t-shirt project

  1. CAbi Gather Tee knockoff
  2. Peach Ginger Snap henley
  3. MariaDenmark Kirstin Kimono tee
  4. CAbi Gather 2.0
  5. Boden Twist jersey top knockoff
  6. White House/Black Market summery cowl knockoff in marigold
  7. WH/BM summery cowl in ice blue
  8. Madewell Toulouse tee knockoff
  9. Boden printed summer vest knockoff
  10. Jalie 2787
  11. Sweatshirt Blazer ala Isabella Oliver
  12. Isabella Oliver Wrap-around top
  13. Onion 5032
  14. Ottobre 1-2009-22 (toddler double sleeve top)
  15. Onion 5039 cowl top
  16. Onion 5038–v-neck faux henley

I realize a couple aren’t in the collage, but the links are comprehensive.  Towards the end I was giving myself a hard time not adapting patterns for knockoffs. With the realities of being uber-pregnant and then having a newborn, I realize I need to let myself off the hook for that.  Besides, looking back over my progress, I’m surprised to see that I was looking to RTW influnces for the majority of the project, and that was certainly a goal of mine.

Favorite: it’s a toss-up between the ginger snap henley and the green zebra-striped CAbi gather tee.  They both just turned out to be pretty shirts.

Moving on: I have lots to think about in terms of color and form.  My current stash is not serving me well towards those ends, and I’m trying to squeeze that lemon dry until I can replenish with some birthday fabric.  For sure, when I find a gorgeous jersey, I’m jumping on the Burdastyle 2-2013-127 bandwagon–a pattern I’m almost certain will be a best of 2013 pattern.

t-shirt project


Onion 5038 giveaway:  For the giveaway, leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite tee you created this past year.  If you haven’t made a tee or didn’t participate in the project, feel free to choose one of my tees or someone else’s.  I will pick a random winner on Sunday, April 7th.

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  1. So which one is the blue/white tye-dyed looking tee? I think that one is my favorite. 🙂 Congrats on holding on through the whole year; you are a rockstar!!

  2. My own favourite tee this year has been the Jalie Sweetheart top.
    My favourite of the tees you have made is the Isabella Oliver wraparound top – that looks really lovely on you, and I would imagine you can still get some wear out of even now.

  3. Which I would have known if I’d have scrolled down a bit farther. Oops! Thanks for letting me know though! 🙂

  4. I’ve been watching faithfully and I think you’ve made a great selection of tops for yourself….I love a knit top myself and really like Jalie 2806…I can make it in just under an hour these days. Fits well, doesn’t “flash” my students (Home Ec teacher) and is a little “more” than a scoop neck T.
    I’ve never tried Onion patterns before…hope I win!

  5. Wow, double WOW!!! I enjoy seeing all the shirts together, while I have been busy with yarn projects and using the sewing machine projects have been limited to mending. Looking forward to see what you do next. The Burda pattern with the shaping on raglan sleeve with gathers is very interesting. I look forward to seeing it modeled.

  6. This is a great group of tops! I really liked the idea of the project, but sadly I let it fall by the wayside in the latter part of the year… mostly because I abandoned pants-wearing in favor of dresses. Kudos to you for finishing! My favorite top I made last year was probably my Simplicity 1916 Boden twist top knock-off that you also knocked off. And I had forgotten how much I liked the Cabi tee knock-offs you did – I should make one of those soon!

  7. Onion 5039 is my favorite. I have never tried an Onion pattern. I hope I win the pattern. I would love to make up some quick tops,

  8. That is an impressive array of tees! It was the year of the t-shirt for me, too. I don’t know that I can pick a favorite, though. It’s just so nice to sew something right off the pattern with a good fit every time.

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