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It’s the end!  I’ve been really looking forward to the end of my year-long commitment of a t-shirt a month because I don’t think I can get a SWAP together until the first project is out of the way.  I think I’m like that.  Rarely can I handle multiple projects–I like things wrapped up before I move on.

faux henley

To finish, I pulled out Onion 5038, a v-neck henley with an empire seam.  I called it a faux henley because the buttons are simply sewed in place.  The v-neck makes the otherwise masculine henley shirt some femininity.  The over-shoulder gathers and the variation with the buttons up the cuff add to the girly flair.

In comparison to the other Onion patterns I’ve made, the sizing seems to run snug.  I ended up overlaying my TNT t-shirt pattern over the pattern when I was cutting, keeping the style lines from the Onion and aligning the patterns at the waist.  Indeed if I had cut according to the pattern, my top would have been about a size too small.

I lowered the empire seam by an inch and gave myself a wider SA in case I needed it (I did) to avoid the cut-the-bust problem that I always have with empire seams.  I also stuck to my rule of using a print with an empire seam as I dislike the general look of empire seams.  I will say that the use of an empire seam in this pattern makes for easy easy construction of the binding/placket.  There is no funny slashing or exactitude necessary because the bottoms of the placket are simply sewn cleanly into the empire seam.  At some point I will compare this to my henley variation tee as I love the over-shoulder gathers and v-neck but would prefer a plain front.

faux henley

My full review of this pattern is here.

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  1. This is super cute! I really like henleys but I haven’t attempted one because of the placket issue – the empire seam solution sounds perfect (plus I love empire tops).
    I totally fell behind on the t-shirt project last year… mostly because I got obsessed with dresses! But I still have a lot of tops in the queue so maybe someday I can catch up!

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