or at least two weddings in the past week.  My sweet cousin got married last week to a truly swell guy and everything was beautiful, but she most of all.  So, so many people were blessed enough to witness all of this.  It was a wonderful time to spend with my family and see all the new babies.  I’m so glad that my cousin had such a great day as her wedding day.  She truly deserves it.  Today, one of my dear friends also married a wonderful guy.  The two of them were just overflowing with joy–just the kind of wedding you want to go to.

In honor of these weddings and because I thought this pattern was beautiful, I made my celebration dress–the Parfait dress from Colette patterns.  I made it in a purple cotton sateen which is lovely and cool but still has a “go to the wedding” finish on it (I’ve obviously sat down though from the wrinkles in the photo 😉 ).  Overall, this was not a difficult dress to sew and it was quite fun–no frustrating moments were had because the directions and diagrams were very simple to follow.  The pockets are my favorite detail…especially in this fabric–they just gathered themselves up into these lovely little entities that feel so good to pop your hands into.  I’m not happy about how the facing turned out, but that was user error I’m sure.  Go give one of her patterns a try–you will not be disappointed with the results.

The hairpins are from Dandyapple.


  1. OOooohhh, you are so pretty!! I wish I would make more stuff for me!! Maybe seeing how fabulous you look in all of these wonderful dresses you’ve been making will inspire me!!

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