gathered raglan sleeve

Burdastyle 2-1013-127 really grabbed my attention with it’s long, gathered raglan sleeve.  Long raglan sleeves in Burda mags are pretty rare–that there’s a little frippery with the sleeve gathers makes it all the more fun.  I was tempted to download the pattern–I was saved the utter hassle because of the greatness of this issue.  At least 5 things caught my eye besides jackets (Burda always has great jackets), so I knew it’d be worth it to just buy the whole issue.

There’s only 3 pieces, so this sews together very quickly.  The gathers are in the sleeve, not the front, which I appreciate–bulk over the arms, not the bust is a great deal more attractive.

Version 1 is with a turquoise knit.  It was marked rayon at Denver Fabrics but it doesn’t have that cold feeling that rayon has.  I’d guess it’s some kind of rayon/poly blend with possibly a little cotton.  Because of the little recovery that it has, I had to unpick the neck binding and make it smaller as it was just not sitting flat.  Baste it in place before you serge it.  I know some other reviewers had issues with this, but really, it’ll depend on your knit.  I should have stabilized the neck as I’m almost certain that it grew due to the recovery issue.  The shoulders are just a little too wide even at a 32 on me.

Since I don’t have a raglan sleeved TNT (though I suspect I will soon with the new issue of Jalie 3245), I decided to test the too wide theory on another version.  I had this lovely hemp/cotton print from Eureka Fabrics in Eureka, CA.

gathered raglan sleeve

It needed to be underlined, and I happened to have a turquoise mesh that worked perfectly for the task. Because of the underlining I cut the pattern a size bigger at the side seams.  I should’ve basted the side seams before I serged them because this version is definitely more fitted than I would prefer…it’s not tight, but it’s fitted.  It’s still a hair too wide in the shoulders (see the dip down at CB), but it’s not bad.  Again, I’d need to check it against a TNT to understand for sure.  When I have a TNT, I imagine I’ll come back to this pattern to make it work better for me.  As for now, this is a great instant gratification top that’ll be an excellent hard-working basic in my wardrobe.

My full review is here.


  1. I like both of these tops and think they look great on you. This is a pattern that is on my list for winter so thank you for the caution on the neckline.

  2. Very nice shirt, and especially the second one turned out very pretty! I’m working on the same shirt at the moment, what a coincidence. Thanks for the heads up on the neckline.

  3. The second version also looks like a great layering piece since it’s fitted. I’ll take a look in your review to find the dip in the CB. Great work, E!

    • I didn’t get a good pic of the CB problem, but I’ve learned over time that when the shoulders are too wide on me, that’s what happens.  I just ordered Jalie’s new raglan sleeve, so I’ll be able to compare this pattern against that one, which will undoubtedly become my TNT raglan.


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