It’s BACK!!! I’m happy to announce The Day and Night Dress Challenge 2019 today! I’ve been so glad to host this event for the greater sewing community online, and I’m looking forward to seeing what will come of it this year! Let’s jump into what this challenge is all about this year!

The Day and Night Dress Challenge 2019

Your official graphic for The Day and Night Dress Challenge 2019

Every year, I have two goals for The Day and Night Dress Challenge: #1 make it bigger and better. I’ve met so many people through this challenge, and I so love and get excited about seeing how everyone takes the same idea and takes it a totally different direction. So why not have more people be a part of that?!

My #2 goal with The Day and Night Dress Challenge is to make it different each year. If it’s a challenge for other people to participate, it should be a challenge personally for me to try and figure out how to shake things up. And boy howdy, I’m putting this challenge in the blender this year. So what’s going on with The Day and Night Dress Challenge 2019?

The Day and Night Dress Challenge 2019: The theme!

So last year, I had the theme of Coffee and Cocktails in about 5 minutes. This year, I was literally drawing the graphic before the subtitle came to me. Which is….

1 Dress 2 Looks

The theme of The Day and Night Dress Challenge 2019 is 1 Dress, 2 Looks. I know what you’re thinking. This is the Day and Night DRESS Challenge and we’re not making dresses? Nope. Read on friend!

Here’s the thing. I just bet that you have a dress hanging out in your closet that’s not getting a lot of wear. Maybe you wore it once for a wedding and then it got buried under last season’s t-shirts. Perhaps you’ve always liked it but couldn’t figure out how to wear it. Maybe you love it, but it’s only appropriate for about 2 seconds of the year before your weather turns on you.

Whatever the case, that dress needs some help. Some styling help.

Be your own stylist with The Day and Night Dress Challenge 2019

So let’s take that dress that you aren’t wearing. The challenge for The Day and Night Dress Challenge 2019 is to pair that neglected dress with either another garment or an accessory to give you your day and night looks that have always been a part of The Day and Night Dress Challenge.

Step 1: Find your dress

Say you have a sleeveless dress. It’s winter here in the US. As I write this it’s about 20 degrees outside. How can you make that dress like this blockprint linen dress make it into cooler months?

sleeveless blockprint dress
Favorite linen sleeveless blockprint dress

Step 2: Create your day look

Per tradition for The Day and Night Dress Challenge, you must create 2 different looks. The “day look” is how you might wear your dress in real life. How is this dress going to hang out with a friend? What will this dress look like if you’re going to the grocery store or to work?

Sew Over It Lulu dress
Sew Over It Lulu dress with cowl sweater–add those layers!!!

For a day look, you can pair that sleeveless dress with a wool jersey t-shirt underneath the dress. A coat could work, so could a sweater or cardigan. If you wanted to go the accessory route instead, you could make a scarf or a hat. And if you have a dress that’s plenty warm thank you very much, you could make a handbag. There’s many ways to play here whether you want to take on a big giant project like a tailored coat or something you could make in about 30 minutes like a scarf.

So what about your “night look”?

Step 3: Create your night look

So your “night look” for the Day and Night Dress Challenge 2019 needs to incorporate your dress with a different extra garment or accessory to that you and your dress could go out to a nice night out. You can go as fancy as you want here (wedding, opera, cocktail party whatever), but it need not be the case. If a nice dinner out is you and your husband getting a quiet dinner without the kids, your dress can come along for the ride!

lace dress
My night look for The Day and Night Dress Challenge 2018

Let’s use an example. Here’s my cocktail dress from last year’s Day and Night Dress Challenge. I love this lace and the coral slip underneath definitely puts it into dinner out category. My hubby and I even got out for sushi last year for my birthday in it:

For this dress, I’d love to add a long trench coat. The lace is a bit too nice to cover up entirely, but a trench coat gives you some options for still creating a cohesive ensemble. I love this blue trench with this funky dress.

Maybe you live in the Southern Hemisphere and it’s currently summer. Maybe your night look then just needs a quick little sequin bolero. This challenge has always been about making clothes work for you and your lifestyle. So here’s the official rules:

Official rules for The Day and Night Dress Challenge 2019


The challenge:

Take a handmade dress you haven’t worn in a while and create 2 looks:

  • Day look: Pair your chosen dress with 1 extra item (jacket, coat, hat, scarf, handbag etc) to create an ensemble for your regular everyday life.
  • Night look: Pair your chosen dress with 1 extra item (jacket, coat, hat, scarf, handbag, etc) for a combination that you might wear to a nice night out to dinner or anywhere else that’s a little more classy.

Things to note to be counted as an official entry:

  • Your extra items must be something that you’ve made from now until March 17th when the community challenge ends.
  • Post a picture of your day look and your night look to Instagram between now and March 17th. If you’re shy, you can totally post a pic of your dress form donning your looks!
  • When you post your looks, tag me on Instagram @elizabethmadethis with the hashtag #dayandnightdresschallenge to be entered for a prize.
  • Prizes will be drawn randomly from the pool of entrants after March 17th.

The Day and Night Dress Challenge 2019 schedule:

  • The blogger/vlogger post-a-palooza will take place from Monday, February 18-Sunday February 24th right here on Elizabeth Made This.
  • The community challenge runs from January 3rd-March 17th. See above rules for entry.



  1. Find your lonely dress in your closet! Sew up 2 extra pieces to coordinate with your dress for a day look and a night look.
  2. Let other people know about it.  Use #dayandnightdresschallenge on Twitter and Instagram and follow the Day and Night Dress Challenge Facebook group.
  3. Keep reading here to find out the latest.  Follow Elizabeth Made This on Instagram andFacebook.
  4. Post a picture of your newly styled dress and extra pieces in your day look and your night look to Instagram to enter yourself.  Don’t forget to tag me @elizabethmadethis and use the #dayandnightdresschallenge.
  5. Grab the graphic below and post it on your site and/or repost on Instagram:     
Post me!!!!!!

Elizabeth is a self-taught sewist with a love for all things DIY and creative. Her friend calls her "The Fabric Manipulator" and she's always looking for ways to squeeze the most out of her sewing time in between caring for her 4 kids and husband.


  1. Awesome! I’m excited to do this one but will be a challenge for sure! Especially because I don’t make a lot of dresses. (and I don’t want to use the ones from last year’s challenge, it’s too soon!). I’ll come up with something! Great challenge Elizabeth and I’m really looking forward to it!

    • Thanks Myra! I actually think it’d be completely fine for you to use one of last year’s dresses. In fact, I think it’s a good idea! My hope for this is that people would look at what’s already there in the way of dresses in their closets and go, you know what, I like that dress, but she’s lonely. Let’s make some friends for her and get a more flexible wardrobe in the process!

  2. Hey – I’m a little like Myra – this sounds like a lot of fun, but I’m not really a dress gal – as a matter of fact I’m scratching my head trying to think of one I might have – I really don’t have one – could I make one for the challenge or is that cheating?

  3. This a great challenge for me as I have a dress I made and NEVER wore. I’m glad to not make another dress to sit in the closet especially now. My challenge will be to create two looks. This is cool because I will be able to wear this dress TWICE!! That’s rare for me and refreshing too!

    • This is EXACTLY what I had in mind when I was thinking about this year Carol! We all have those dresses or jackets or whatever–but to be able to think, ok, how can I make this work in a way that I’m actually excited about and it fits my life and I love?! Those kind of steps are how you get to a wardrobe that you love! So glad that you’re in!! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

    • Oh wow! That’s a big deal Claire! That would be wonderful if it works in there, and I have to say you’re amazing for thinking about a challenge on top of a wedding! I wish you much happiness!

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