True Bias




When True Bias’ Southport dress came out, I knew I had to make it instantly.  I found out about it after being drawn to its easy summery style via Meg’s whimsical fruit emoji version.  I’m always on the lookout for summer dresses that don’t show too much skin and still allow you to wear an actual bra.  It’s not that I’m against strapless styles, but I am against strapless bras.  I loathe them more than cantaloupe, and if you know me, you know that my hatred for that vile fruit is as deep as the earth itself.  So, I am very glad to have come across Southport, which is 100% real bra friendly!

velour colorblocked hudson pants: A True Bias pattern sewn by Elizabeth Made This
Have you ever refashioned a piece of clothing that you have previously loved and worn for a really long time?

What could make Colorblocked Hudson Pants even more fun?  Make them out of velour!

Velour Colorblocked Hudson Pants

In truth, I’ve had this blue velour since before I was married.  Has it been in my stash that long? No, it’s been in my schlump about the house wardrobe in the form of really ghastly lounge pants.  I didn’t bother to take a before picture on this one.  Basically, the pants were too long (and permanently dirty on the bottom because of it), too wide, with a lowered back and no elastic in the drawstring waist, so they were continually falling off me.