Dress like your grandma


If you hadn’t heard, I placed 2nd in the Wardrobe Sudoku contest.  This makes for my first Patternreview voted win, so I’m proud for that!  I’m going to use my Sawyer Brook gift card towards some tailoring supplies I’ll need for a very special project for my husband later this year.  A big big thank you to all who voted for me!

dress like your grandma

Dress Like Your Grandma

The phenomenally talented Tanya of Mrs. Hughes has been in the process of hosting the Dress Like Your Grandma Challenge.  Tanya writes,

“This is a vintage sewing challenge where family history can inspire your wardrobe.  Take a photo of your grandma (or your grandpa, great-grandma, mom, aunt, someone else’s grandma —  you get the idea!) and re-create an outfit or piece that they are wearing.  Many of us don’t have vintage garments to remember our loved ones by or perhaps we can’t fit into what they left behind.  Re-create that image with vintage patterns, reproduction patterns or modern patterns.  If your style is different from a family member’s or you want to evoke a different era, find a vintage photo with a garment that suits you and re-create that.  The idea is to study a vintage photograph (1980’s or earlier) and transform that photo into a garment or outfit that you’ve sewn yourself.”

For me, as I’m sure for everyone else, it was good to talk to my family members and just to plain remember a special lady.  One of my aunts sent me a string of great pictures, and I found my Czech Great-Grandma’s wedding picture.  That look, straight out of 1930 I couldn’t do justice to in the time I had available to me.  Another time!

dress like your grandma