Get started with refashioning with this easy project

Sometimes you need a quick win sew.

Thankfully refashioning lets you grab something old and reimagine it into something new with the help of your trusty scissors and sewing machine.

Make the Sunny Days Skirt yourself when you download the free chapter below.  It’s the kind of easy wearing knit skirt you’ll want to wear all summer!

Meet Elizabeth

ice dye denim jacket

What’s up?  I’m Elizabeth Farr and I’m the creative face behind Elizabeth Made This.  My aim is always to help women explore creativity through sewing.  Under that vast umbrella of sewing skills is refashioning.

Refashioning is one of my favorite things!  It allows you to look at what you have and chop it up into something new.  Because your have to work with what’s in front of you (and not 80 yards of fabric!) you’re forced to think WAY outside the box.  Some days I wonder if there is a box!  

I’ve been refashioning for the last 11ish years and my work has appeared in Altered Couture magazine, Seamwork, and I developed a line of upcycled clothing for the boutique SEWN in Denver.

Psst–this is an ice dyed jacket I made from old jeans!