Suede sleeve panel sweater

suede sleeve panel sweater: Elizabeth Made This

suede sleeve


I don’t know if anyone watches Elementary, but seriously, it’s worth a watch alone for Lucy Liu’s wardrobe.  Their stylist has her wearing some great clothes–always with interesting construction details.  Jonny Lee Miller is also styled very very well, but he’s a man, so I don’t care a ton.  Many times I’ve sat down to watch it thinking that I should have a sketch pad handy, but then I discovered this blog which so helpfully lists the details of the clothes worn each episode.


suede sleeve

The inspiration in question today is a printed wool t-shirt from Zara with a faux leather panel on the sleeve.  So so easy to do.

Suede Sleeve Panel Sweater

I’ve had this ringspun cotton sweater knit in my stash since last year and hadn’t figured out what I wanted to do with it until I saw this t-shirt.  I didn’t want to end up with yet another ivory sweater.

suede sleeve
This knit is quite textured and very soft!

As luck would have it, I found 2 pieces of faux suede in the form of upholstery samples at the FIDM Scholarship Store in L.A.  They were only $0.50/each.

Back at home, I measured how far up my arm I wanted the panels to come and cut 2 pieces that sat mostly on the front side of my sleeve.  In retrospect, I should have allowed more ease for myself in the sleeve to account for the lack of stretch.  The sleeve is fitted, but my wrists have always been thin, so it works, but next time I’ll add 1/4″ extra in the side seams of the sleeve.  My applique roughly looks like this not in the unsewn form:

suede sleeve

Consulting More Fabric Saavy, Sandra Betzina recommends a 75/11 stretch needle for suede–great, I was using that anyway for my knit.  I stitched on the applique to a lighter weight ivory knit that I had so that the bulk of the garment would be centered in the body and not all over.  I used the same light knit to bind the neckline.

The pattern is my TNT t-shirt + scoop neck variant I picked up from an Ottobre pattern.

In a flurry of writing, I’ve drafted no less than 5 posts this morning which I’ll be sharing in the next couple of days to get myself caught up with blogging.

suede sleeve
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