piped skirt

Striped Piped Skirt

For all the headache that were my last pants, this was a fun skirt.  It is Burdastyle 5-2010-130.  It’s actually the illustrated course pattern in that particular issue.  There’s nothing difficult about how it’s put together, and I didn’t use the instructions, but they’re there, which is reassuring if you’re a beginner or haven’t sewn with Burda before.  The big advantage of the illustrated course pattern is that it’s shaded in pink on the pattern sheet, which makes it much easier to navigate the subway map that are the tracing sheets.

I wish I had made this more of a straight skirt than the pencil that it is.  I like straight skirts, but pencils are a little too movement restrictive to me, which is not terribly helpful at this stage in my life.  That being said, this one is tremendously comfortable (maybe it’s the stretch cotton), and I moved around it fine (though probably more lady-like than normal) whilst running after the kids.

piped skirt

I added some bias piping on the pockets.  The pockets are wonderful by themselves, but the piping really makes them stand out.  Plus, it gave me a reason to use my piping foot, and I love that thing.

I also really like the denim details.  I’ve never done a fly on a skirt, but I like it, and after all the pants I’ve made recently, I’ve become fast at making them, and I kind of like them.  And they give you a chance to use vintage cotton for fly shields because that’s more fun than matching fly shields.

piped skirt

And you can never have enough belt loops.  They give you reasons to pull out pretty vintage silk scarves to use as belts.  To keep in the denim realm, I used a tack button instead of a normal button.  Tack buttons let you whack them into place instead of hand sewing.  Hammers+buttons-hand sewing= good things.

The welt pockets aren’t perfect, but they’re not hideously ugly either.  One is better than the other.  I’m glad I chose to make the welts on the bias.  Playing with stripes is endlessly entertaining.

piped skirt

The only thing I’m really not crazy about are the pleats.  In a perfect world, they’re these cute little divots that hang off the bottom of the pocket.  Look how sweet they look in the line drawing.  piped skirt

In the real world, they poof out quite strangely.  At first I was put off by them and was pretty disappointed with this skirt, so I set it aside for a couple of days.  Then I wore it about on one of our recent warmer days and decided that they don’t look all that weird, and this skirt is crazy comfortable.  I guess I like it poofy.

So readers, have you come back to a project that you thought you weren’t crazy about later, only to realize that you not only changed your mind but that you really love it?

My full review is here.

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  1. This is so fun!! I love the bias touches and the piping is perfect. I was just dreaming of a denim skirt today. So much to sew… so little time.

  2. kattheengineer Reply

    It’s a really stylish skirt! I love it. And I’m super impressed with your welt pockets 🙂

  3. julieculshaw Reply

    Your skirt looks great, I didn’t even notice the poofs. And you were right to put in the piping, it adds pizzazz.

  4. Thank you so much for making this skirt, I have been looking for a skirt with a fly front that is just a little different. Thanks you to I have found it. Yours is awesome, so cute and the welt pockets are amazing.

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