I saw this stretch twill at Fabric Mart a while back, and I flipped out over the combination of floral and lemon yellow.  I stalked it until it was on sale and threw it into my cart as soon as it was.  It was crying out to be made up into jeans ASAP.

I obliged.  Since the floral pattern is kind of a lot, I chose to make these into skinny jeans so as not to overwhelm myself or the world with YELLOW FLORAL JEANS.  What could say spring jeans more than yellow floral jeans?


Planning Spring Jeans

I’ve only cut and serged the edges of my pieces so far due to sickness, and more happily, wanting to add even more in the way of embroidery.  We’ll see how long the embroidery takes me.  I hate going to another project before finishing one, but embroidery is slow work and I want to add more on one of the front legs and something on the back pockets too.


Elizabeth Made This

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    • Thanks Kyle!  The embroidery is proving time-consuming as I’m sure you understand from all of your beautiful sashiko.

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