mini Christmas dress form and mini Christmas ornaments

Spiff up your sewing room with this Christmas dress form

Make a circle skirt for your Christmas dress form

Cut the circle skirt

Your mini dress form is getting a full circle skirt!

Fold your linen in half lengthwise. Fold the fabric again together on top of itself. Now you should have 2 folds that come together at a right angle.

Measure your dress form’s waist and figure out how long you want your skirt to be. In my case, I wanted an 8″ skirt, and my dress form’s waist is 10″.

Mark the length from the point where the folds come together down each fold with chalk. Make marks the same length in an arc from the point at various angles until the first marks along the fold are connected.

Mark the waist radius in an arc from the point the same way you marked the length. For me, that’s 0.8″. I like this circle skirt calculator for helping you figure out the radius measurement. I just plugged in my 10″ waist, and the geometry is magically done.

Cut along the waist arc so there’s a hole for your dress form’s body.

I cut a second, shorter skirt out of some gold linen I had a scrap of. The waist arc became a little flower embellishment for later.

Make the skirt waistband

Cut a piece of knit fabric or ribbing 1.5″ wide x the waist measurement. Fold it in half widthwise and press.

Pin the strip around your mini dress form’s waist. Adjust the length if it seems too long. Unfold the strip, place the ends right sides together. Sew the ends together with a 1/4″ seam allowance.

Pin the waistband to the skirt’s waist right sides together. Sew together the waistband and the skirt with a 1/4″ seam allowance.

Press 3/8″ towards the wrong side of your skirt for the hem.

Add the tinsel to the skirt

Use a regular zigzag stitch to attach the tinsel to the skirt. Hold the tinsel along the edge and allow the needle to go over it back and forth to secure it to the skirt. Go slow. The last thing you need is tinsel flying in your face!

Use the full length of your tinsel, making a second or third or more row around the hem of the skirt. I got 2 full times around my skirt with the tinsel that I had.

Add the poinsettias to the skirt

Here you have to do a little deconstruction work. Use your wire cutters to cut off the centers of the poinsettias from the backside of each flower.

Save the centers because we’ll put them back on in a hot minute.

Pin the poinsettias around the skirt above your rows of tinsel.

Use the same zigzag to attach the poinsettias in place. Stitch around the skirt, going roughly through the middle of each flower. Overlap the flower petals as you stitch so that the flowers cover the skirt well.

Hot glue the centers that you saved back into place.

At this point you can pop your skirt on over your dress form and you’re done!

Other embellishments you can add

From here, you could add mini LED lights or tiny ornaments or beads.

I gave my girl a little yoyo-ish flower with a couple of beads and sequins to look a bit like holly.

Whatever you do to your mini Christmas dress form, this will be a fun Christmas DIY for you do try!

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