slouchy cardigan

When I went nuts and bought Jalie’s new raglan sleeve tee, I threw in Jalie 3248 (drop pocket cardigan) as well into my cart.  I had 2 yards of a brown sweater knit that I had intended for another cardigan which didn’t work out because I forgot I needed more fabric than that for the other cardigan.

Basically you cut 4 fronts (or 2 contrast, two main) and the pockets fold over on themselves into the side seam to create the pocket.  Per Jalie’s usual style, the construction is clever and leads to a great end result.  The instructions even have you trim in such a way that there is zero bulk in the bottom of the pocket which is amazing given the extra layers of fabric involved.  My knit is two-faced, and the pockets allow you to showcase that.

I knew right away that I was going to embellish this cardigan some how.  I was completely inspired by the hand-sewing episode of The Great British Sewing Bee (How spectacular is this show?!).  As it turns out, the stretch lace that I used for this tee was a good match–lighter than the brown, but still enough of a contrast to stand out.

slouchy cardigan

I cut out a couple of motifs and hand basted them before I made tiny invisible backstitches to secure the motifs.  Then I added a line of beads over each motif.  I just kind of followed the bend of the lace and then meandered a bit more to suit myself.

slouchy cardigan

Before I had a machine, I was always sewing bits of this and that onto little clothes for stuffed animals or random little accessories, so it was good in a way to return to my roots and just look at my sweater as an art project instead of something I just needed to crank out quickly.  It reminded me of when my 8th grade art teacher gave me a permanent pass (laminated!) to come in early in the morning because I loved to take my sweet time on my work.

It’s hilarious to me that I’m writing about a sweater when we’ve just had a week of 95+ degree temps here, but actually, this is a great sweater for wearing in the sewing room itself.  The basement, being naturally colder is absolutely freezing when the A/C kicks on.  This sweater is a perfect weight for still being comfortable in all of that.  And this kind of slouchy style that the sweater has totally says something to wear while you’re thinking really hard in the sewing room.

My full review is here.

Happy Father’s Day (big HFD to my sweet husband who entertained the two older boys all day yesterday so I could work with my friend Linda on draping jeans–wow, but I’m grateful!  It’s 4:37 am and I’m totally writing because I’m so excited about jeans I couldn’t sleep)!

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  1. Gorgeous cardi, I didn’t realise you had made this when you posted about your shorts. Now what’s this about draping jeans?

    • I was looking back through my previous jeans at pictures and realized that my side seams weren’t at all straight.  I thought it was my front thigh pulling the seam backwards, but it turned out to be needing a wedge across my bum.  Because I decided to work on my skinny jeans and abandon my Jalies for the time, there were several other tweaks that we had to make so that the legs stayed as close as possible w/o wrinkles.  Linda and I worked for 8 hours on Sat, but things are definitely improved.  I still have a little more drafting to go to change style lines, and I’ll make one last (crossing fingers) muslin.  I just hope I can finish for the jeans contest.  


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