sleep sacks

My oldest’s BFF’s Mom is having a baby in February.  It’s been a long wait for them for their #2 and we’re so excited for them.  They are dear sweet friends to us and I can’t wait to meet their new tiny one.

But in the midst of waiting, they gave us their sleep sacks when Sam was maybe 6 months.  We have used those sleep sacks into the ground.  Literally.  They’re kind of cruddy and gross as baby things tend to get after going through 2 kids and lots of washes.  So in thinking about a gift for the baby, new sleep sacks seemed appropriate.

I used this romper pattern from Ottobre, just squaring off the bottom where the legs would be.  A little binding, a zipper, and voila!  Fresh sleep sacks for a very loved little person.

Lined Sleep Sacks

The caterpillar fleece is Winterfleece from  It was easy to work with and I have hopes that it won’t pill up, but I’m no fleece connoisseur.  Time will tell how this fleece will wear.  At any rate, the caterpillar print is cute.

I cut up the last of my extra baby blankets for the “sweet” sack (the letters are appliques from some scraps of wool I had).  The outer fabric’s back felt a little scratchy to me (odd since the right side is SO soft), so I decided to line it.  Enter another baby blanket that I thrifted ages ago.  This was the first time that I did a lining with a zipper.  I used Sunni’s method that she shows beautifully in her Craftsy class on zippers.  I’ve seen tutorials for this sort of thing before, but she showed the steps that I couldn’t see in other’s stand alone photos very clearly, so I had no problem making a clean go of it.

sleep sacks

I think I wouldn’t mind my own cozy lined sleep sack…with a cup of tea and a good movie.
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