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I think I’ve said before here that HGTV is evil because it shows you perfectly perfect spaces that happen in the span of 30 minutes (okay a couple of days, but there’s still troupes of hardworking elves).  Insta-house doesn’t magically happen, but I will say that a good bit of fabric can go a long way towards making a dent in making your home pretty.

Case in point: we’ve had these curtains in our house “hiding” our laundry area downstairs.  They came with the house, and after 2 years, it still astonishes me that somebody at some point having a choice, chose these curtains.

sewing curtains

I’ve racked my brain over what to do about it, and it occurred to me to use the same fabric I used to make a curtain for the kids’ train table last year.

sewing curtains

Sewing curtains is not difficult, but it does require a lot of yardage.  Specifically, 10 yards, #12 grommets, this cheap, efficient grommet setter, and some careful pattern matching.  But wrangling this much yardage when it yields these lovely chevron curtains makes it worth the hassle.  So much better.

sewing curtains

I picked up a little fabric in January to make a curtain to cover this ugly awkward storage in my sewing room closet.  

sewing curtains

I connected it to the shelf via snap tape and my trusty staple gun, and though there’s more work in the closet to make my stash more useful, it is a big improvement too.

sewing curtains

What say you readers?  Have you ever transformed a space dramatically through the use of beautiful fabric?


  1. O.M.G!! I have those EXACT same curtains in my living room! They were here when we moved in 4 years ago, and since they “match” the (hideous) wallpaper, I haven’t torn them down. I guess at least I know why the peeps before us chose them…

    • I’m sure there’s somebody out there that digs that kind of vibe, but for me those curtains just scream “of an era.”


  2. I have never done a single stitch of home dec. I bought some eyelet to make curtains for my bedroom, but made it into a blouse instead. I still have hideous builder-grade blinds everywhere. Kudos to you for getting around to it!

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