So the sewing room has a good start (as you can see by the mess).  Except for about 1/2 of my fabric,

I’m all moved in.  The paint on the ceiling turned out lovely, and my in-laws just generally put a lot of work into painting this room so nicely.  Yay ceiling!

My next order of business is getting some task lighting.  My thought is to put pendant lights in the center of each of the three ceiling thingies.  It will make the aqua get less lost in the shadows and provide better light for my cut table.  The trickiest place to light is the ironing board, but whatever I have will provide more light than the light I’ve had for the past 2 years of ironing in the bathtub.

In the middle of getting moved in, I went to my ASG meeting a couple of weeks ago and got to make a fat quarter tote.

Normally I wouldn’t be   excited about such a project, but it was fast and easy and a good way to get back into sewing after a hiatus of a couple of months.  The flowered fabric is vintage fabric from my husband’s grandmother’s stash.  My mother-in-law said that she thought her Mom had made a wrap skirt for her out of this fabric.  It’s so bright and vivid and have been hoarding it until the right project came along.  It being nearly as heavy as canvas, a bag was a good choice, and it definitely makes a swell library tote.

I finished a top too and am working on some shorts!  But more on that later.


  1. way to hold back the pictures…GAH!!! I LOVE that fabric!! I’ve had some similar for a year now. Similar as in red, white, blue with big flowers!! I made some bloomers for my neice, and a headband with it. I really want to do a skirt for me…that is why I am sitting on it!! Anyway, cute bag! Glad you got a chance to get out and make something! xo

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