Sew Saturday Snippets #6

It’s time for Sew Saturday Snippets #7!  This series is all about highlighting cool makes, sewing community challenges, contests, and sewing videos.  Check out all the previous Snippets in the navigation bar above or here!  If you’re interested in being featured on an upcoming edition of Sew Saturday Snippets, please email me at  While you’re contemplating your New Years Re-sew-lutions, kick back and see what people have been up to in our community this week.

Sew Saturday Snippets #7

Must-see Makes

Sew Saturday Snippets #7
photo courtesy of Elle Gee Makes

Linda made this pretty blue McCalls 7501 sweater in the coolest sweater knit to kick off her new year of sewing.  Oh to find such fun texture, and the big collar is so nice for this time of year!

Renata made up this Dressy Talk sweatshirt dress sweater (I told you there were sweaters this Snippets!) in this minty knit with lace contrast!  I’m in love with the contrast, and this green is fantastic!

Sew Saturday Snippets #7
photo courtesy Maria of

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I made up a hooded quilted Ottobre 4-2017-4 vest for my daughter with fabric leftover from my quilted coat.  It was such a fun project and a good way to start the year!


Sew Saturday Snippets #7

Maria  made this gorgeous boiled wool coat with fabric from Mood and Simplicity 1540.  She handled the wool so well on this statement collar, and the pinky purple is just beautiful!

Sal made this very vintage seaside ensemble.   The top is the Deer and Doe Givre tee with a cheery cherry gingham circle skirt from a vintage Advance pattern.  It looks so delightfully warm where she is, and the scenery is too serene!  All this to prepare you for the big finish…

Sew Saturday Snippets #7
image courtesy of jeanette_sews


Jeanette made this wonderfully snuggly faux fur Simplicity 2150 coat with this awesome animal print lining. It was 9 degrees when she took this picture, and I can only imagine that that fur was doing its job shielding her from the Arctic!

Contests/Sewing Community Challenges and News

The winners of the 2017 Fabric Stash contest on Patternreview were announced.  The winner, Dianelwilson managed to sew up 66 yards of fabric during the month!  That is truly a feat!

Watch this space Monday for details on the 2018 edition of The Day and Night Dress Challenge.  I have a killer team assembled and some incredible prizes rounded up for this challenge!  I’m SO excited!!!

Sew Saturday Snippets #6

The #smyly videos and posts on Instagram are going up, and it’s turning out to be an interesting challenge.  How great to hear from people that sewing has helped people not only come to respect their own bodies but that it helps their mental health.


This week on SewTube

Amanda from I Sew a Lot gives some heartfelt thoughts in her #smyly video.

Threads magazine shares a quick tip for marking double ended darts that’s great for thick heavy fabrics.

Here’s my New Year’s Re-sew-lutions.


I’m finishing up my quilted vest tutorial series.  I have 4 videos on the playlist, and there’s 2 more to finish uploading today.  Part 1 gives you some pattern choices and I show you how to assemble a quilt sandwich.  In part 2 we mark and quilt the fronts and back.  In part 3, I show you how to cut bias tape, sew up and finish the seams.  Part 4 shows you how to sew the hood together.  In part 5 we finish the armholes and sew on the hood.  Finally, in part 6 we’ll slap on a separating zipper and a pretty bias tape hem.  The outtake at the end of this video is too funny.

Sew Over It announces the new round of their PDF club.  You get a discount on the 12 patterns for the year and a free pattern at the outset for a reasonable club price.


What’s next for you this mid January?

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