Sew Saturday Snippets #6

It’s time for Sew Saturday Snippets #6!  This is the first snippets post of 2018!  This is a new series here where I’m highlighting cool makes, sewing community challenges, contests, and sewing videos.  Check out all the previous Snippets in the navigation bar above or here!  If you’re interested in being featured on an upcoming edition of Sew Saturday Snippets, please email me at  While you’re contemplating your New Years Re-sew-lutions, kick back and see what people have been up to in our community this week.

Sew Saturday Snippets #6

Must-see Makes

Sew Saturday Snippets #6
photo courtesy of byluciagrace

Lucia made this elegant ivory jumpsuit by fusing Vogue 8772 and Vogue 9116 with pretty crepe for the pants from Mood and sequin lace from LA Finch Fabrics.  I had to do a double take when I read that it’s a jumpsuit!

Becky made Ginger jeans in purple velvet!  These must be so lovely to wear, and the color is just splendid!

Sew Saturday Snippets #6
photo courtesy Sew Becky Jo
Sew Saturday Snippets #6
photo courtesy of Mazzygirl on Patternreview

Mazzygirl get’s the best friend award for making this custom dress form for her friend using Bootstrap Fashion’s DIY dress form pattern.  Her friend is a new sewist, and she wanted to help her start off on the right foot with a dress form that is her perfect doppelganger.  After a whole lot of work, she came up with this pretty form.  Look how happy her friend is!

Sew Saturday Snippets #6
photo courtesy of Ann of Sew Baby News

Ann of Sew Baby News made up Itch to Stitch’s new Bellavista top in this pretty orchid velour.   This big cowl looks so great for this time of year and this color.  

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I myself didn’t make anything this week that I’ve blogged.  Instead, I looked back on 2017 in this #sewingtop5 post.  What was my favorite project of 2017?  I think this jacket.  It started out as a diamond in the rough very questionable caftan, and it became this:

Sew Saturday Snippets #6


Dorcas of Lone Star Couture made this beautiful dress for New Year’s Eve.  This sequin lace is just fantastic, and she finished the insides of the dress just fantastically.  Be sure to check out a great tip about the side darts that she learned from Susan Khalje!

Sew Saturday Snippets #6
Photo courtesy of Lone Star Couture

Contests/Sewing Community Challenges and News

Patternreview announced their contests for all of 2018.  PR contests are always a wonderful chance to meet new sewing friends and push yourself to make some really cool projects!

I have been hard at work starting planning for The Day and Night Dress Challenge that I hosted last year.  Without giving too much away, it’s coming, and it’s going to be EPIC.  I will share the graphic. 😉

Sew Saturday Snippets #6

#smyly2018 was announced.  The acronym= sewing makes you love yourself.  The idea is to make a garment that you feel beautiful in and then post about how sewing has changed your attitude towards your body.  Check out all of the details here.

Sew Saturday Snippets #6




This week on SewTube

Hila of Saturday Night Stitch shares some advice on her journey in learning how to fit.  There’s a lot of great advice in here and encouragement!

Jennifer of The Sewing Report shares a simple beginner sewing technique that you can use in any number of applications.

No video from me this week since I’ve been doing legwork for The Day and Night Dress Challenge, but coming soon, I’ll be responding to the New Year’s Re-Sewlutions tag started by Boz of A Girl Called Boz and Candy of Cotton by Candy.  The lovely Katie of Sew Old Fashioned tagged me–definitely check out her video.  She’s a very thoughtful sewist!



What are your New Year’s sewing goals?

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  1. by Lucia Grace Reply

    So thrilled that my jumpsuit is featured! Thanks so much Elizabeth!

    • Thanks Linda! I’ve been enjoying this series, and that jacket is easily my favorite ever refashion. I have no idea how to top it!

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